Question about the app

Is there any way to stop the iOS app from automatically opening when I click on links on the RateBeer website. It’s getting a bit annoying.

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You have to go in your phone in SETTING, GENERAL, APPS and change setting about which App that opens by default when clicking on links to your browser instead on the RB app

Yeah, that’s what I looked at first of all. But there is no such option on iOS. Hence why I have raised the question here. Seems like deleting the app is the only solution.

Edit: nothing in the web browser (Safari) settings related to RateBeer either.

iOS is a little restricted in this sense. It looks like there are two workarounds to stop the app opening links.

  1. Long press on the link whilst in Safari and then click open in new tab


  1. Settings -> General > Handoff > Turn off suggested apps (wording might be slightly different depending on which version of iOS).

Thanks. The first one works. The second one doesn’t (I don’t have “Turn off suggested apps” or anything like that one my phone, which is running iOS 13.4.1).

Yeah they keep changing how it should work. Android is a little better in that respect, that you can be a bit more fine grained in what does what.