Question about Tilquin Quetsche

I had a “Tilquin Quetsche” bottle pour recently at Hops & Pie in Denver, CO. It was listed as 5.8% and described as:

“Unfiltered, Unpasteurized & 100% bottle conditioned Ale Re-fermented in Oak Barrels with Raspberries”.

None of their beer is listed at 5.8% and none of their Quetsche beers have raspberries (as far as I know).
What beer was this? Or was this a misprint?

Seems a mistake. I had the 75cl bottle few days ago and none of this was mentiones in the label.

The one with prunes de Namur maybe? Was it on draft? Then maybe you can ask the barman what the label on the keg says.

Oh I just saw it was a bottle pour, sorry.

No pic I suppose?