Questions About the New Format

Feel free to Nuke this, but I have questions about the new format (and I bet other people have questions about it also). If you know the answers please chime in.

In the new format when you click on a person it does not say where they are from (like the old format) is it supposed to be this way or is this still a work in progress?

I cannot seem to search for beers or people in the new format. Does anybody know how to do this?

This forum software is an out of the box package. I hope we do get some of our ratebeer functionality back, specifically in regards to merging both profiles (you currently have a forum profile and a RB profile which are 2 very different pages)


Kind of related to the previous answer, you need to navigate back to website outside the forums. The easiest way I find to do this is click the title in any thread you’re in, then click any of the header menus except for forums. This will take you to the old Ratebeer where you can search for beers and places and such. The search button in the forums only searches for forum topics and people. Hopefully this will be changed soon

Yea this is annoying I keep opening the old forums to navigate to people (including myself) and beers and new forums for random jib jab.


Click on person shows you the person info in the Chat forum, no idea if they can even link to RB info or not, Hope they can and do

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It has to be possible someway.

Should be possible to add the unsernumber on the main site somewhere in the userpage for the forum and link it that way. With the same name in both systems it shouldn’t be hard to match them.

Would be good if all current users was migrated to the forum and whenever someone registers to the site they are also registered at the forum.

It is an out-of-the-box solution, but even as such it should be integrated with the main site. Otherwise we end up with a RateBeer site and a forum that is a separate entity instead of them being the same thing.

Not sure how/if the forum works in the app since I haven’t used it in months, but getting the forum to work in the app with the same login as your main one and integrated in a natural way would be nice and make it easy to connect to other RateBeerians while at festivals etc. Also give it one thing that the Untappd doesn’t have, a social interface.