Quick advice for Ireland?

Will take a short break in Irland with my wife.
We have one night in Galway, one up north (Donegal or Northern Ireland, with intents to see Giants Causeway) and last night in Dublin.

This is not a beer trip, but is there anywhere nice to stay within an hours drive from Giants Causeway where accomodation and good local beers are easy to come by? Is there any good place en-route from Giants Causeway to pick up interesting Northern Irish beers?

Leaving tomorrow morning…

I usually stop on the Donegal coast in Buncrana.

I went to the Giants Causeway last July.

We spent the night in Ballymena - 45/50 minutes drive away.

Found a great restaurant there (can look up if you decide to go) … top notch food at good prices.

Went here … no longer a Spoons … so far behind in my places ratings I haven’t had chance to update but this is still a beer venue with a few NI rates offered.


NI is a baron place for ticks/beers in general.

I’d ask @Beersiveknown for a heads up on the current scene but I doubt much has changed recently in these parts.

Best place to stop off en route is dicey o Reilly’s in ballyshannon. Donegal brewery plus decent wee offlicence.
Colin is right, not all that much outside of Belfast though a few places in Londonderry and Portrush now. Blackbird and walled city in Derry and kiwis in Portrush. Lacada brewery and kinnegar are the two to look out for.
Fyi none of the ex wetherspoon bars have cask beer due to a restrictive covenant at time of sale

PS it’s a long drive from Galway to giants causeway and back down to Dublin. Maybe 5 hours each way

If you go via a29 to Dublin you can go to the winerack in Stewart’s town, a fab selection. I live nearby and Im off on Wednesday if that’s when you’re passing through?
Also fairleys in Coleraine supposed to be good

So much to see in Ulster (as properly understood, includes Donegal). I highly recommend the Inishowen area as a small and rural getaway. Of course, the Glens of Antrim are spectacular as well. Both are near the Causeway.

Ulster is 9 counties including Cavan and Monaghan with the aforementioned Donegal and 6 counties of NI

I know. As you know, people leave Donegal and the other two ‘Southern’ counties out of Ulster sometimes when using that term, especially among Unionists. I spent enough time living there to know how slippery such terms are haha!

Thanks for all good advice, guys!

Sadly 5 hours is not much longer than my daily commute, so that will not pose a problem.

Just left the first watering hole, Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna. Wife is drivning :wink:

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If you’re interested in order beverages besides beer, I’d recommend the Bushmills distillery, which is short drive from the causeway.

And if you’re a Game of thrones fan you can also call in at the dark hedges

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