Quintessence Beer list

For those who are interested to see what’s going to be on tap:

Here a provisional list of pre-selected beers which will be available for tasting as part of the pairings. The complete list for both breweries will be released following the advancement of the fermentations and the evolution of the beers.

From Hill Farmstead:
- Table Dorothy
- Arthur
- Flora BBRC
- Flora

From Cantillon:
- Lou Pepe Kriek 2013
- Nuits Bruxelloise 2016: 2 year-old Lambic with Alicante Bouschet Teinturier wine grapes, a red grape variety coming from Pic Saint-Loup, France
- La Vie est Belge 2016
- Gueuze 2004
- Gueuze “2-3-4”: a blend of 2 year-old, 3 year-old , and 4 year-old Lambic beers
- Bruocsella 2012
- Fou’foune 2017
- Reine des Prés 2017
- Lou Pepe Framboise
- 50°N 4°E 2017

Hope to see a few of you there :slight_smile:


Pas mal.
Interesting week ZBF-Quintessence-Tilquin BBF there, worth a longer trip home.

I might haul this cellared Austrian Framboise you & a few others wanted to taste if they still don’t have a policy against bring-alongs:

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As the bar area will be set up this year aroound the corner at L’Ermitage you might need to check with them if it is okay to bring bottles to share over there.

I will be there with 3-4 mates from Germany.

Great list so far, the Nuits Bruxelloise sounds awesome. I do hope HF adds some more stuff.

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This looks like a fantastic start to the beer list. Several beers that I have yet to taste.

Very excited!!

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Apologies as this is the first Quintessence I’ll be attending. Regarding the bar setup after the event or your 4 hours in. In the past has that served the typical onsite offerings from Cantillon or a revised menu set for the event? Also are to-go options on such a hectic day an option as well?

Couldn’t tell you. This year the setup is different than before, probably because there is a larger crowd coming. It has become busier each time. In the past there wasn’t a bar set-up as far as I remember (though details may be hazy after drinking so much lambic). There is more than enough lambic included in your ticket. The last time I had to leave early, but I remember no official afterparty. Some went to Moeder Lambic though, not sure if this was ‘official’. Don’t expect any bottles to-go. That was only done last time to make up for the last minute cancellation of one brewery (they weren’t welcome anymore due to a take-over by AB-Inbev), I don’t expect they’ll do it again.

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There will also be some interesting bottles at Moeder Lambic on 30 April and 1 May, if anyone wants to split any, just let me know. Details are on their FB page, but here’s a partial bottle list:

Gueuze 2008
Gueuze 2010
Gueuze 2012
LHD 2014
Nèfles 2013
Queen of 2017
Mamouche 2011
Mamouche 2014
Mamouche 2017
Vigneronne 2014
50 n4e 2012
50 n4e 2015
50 n4e 2017
Midnight sun
Rosé Rosé 2012
Aspérule 2010
Chardonnay 2014
Kriek Lou Pepe 2010
Grand Cru Bruoscella 2012
Carignan 2014
Gueuze Lou Pepe 2013
Iris 2012
Lambic Yellow Wine 2014
Kriek 2012
Zwanze 2009
Zwanze 2012
Zwanze 2013
Zwanze 2014
Zwanze 2016
Pussy 2014
Pussy 2015
Pussy 2017
Nath 2017
St Lamvinus Grand Cru 2016
Grand Cru Bruoscella 2015
Lou Pepe Raspberry 2015
St Lamvinus 2014
Cuvée St Gilloise 2015
Cuvée Birthday Moeder Lambic Moose 10 ans1

Not to seem inexperienced or anything, but if anyone knows what Pussy is, please tell me

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