R.i.p. jpdipso

John unexpectedly passed away yesterday. He will be missed.

Sorry to hear this; never met you or John, but it’s always sad when people pass away unexpectedly or not.


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Condolences. Age?

  1. John was one of the original crew here in Wisconsin that helped get me into craft beer way back in 2004. He will be missed, as he was truly a great person.

Damn… sorry to hear that…

RIP John, I remember him from my early days here at RB.

Condolences. RIP

Damn. Thanks for posting. I traded with him once, seemingly a lifetime ago.


It feels so strange having so many RBians pass. When I joined the site I was so young. It feels weird to get a sense of one’s mortality through meeting random dudes on the internet. Especially, in the current state of this site.


I did some trades with him a long time ago, he was a good guy. Part of the old-time RB community, I miss those days.

Damn, missed this news. I’m pretty sure we met at one of the Wauwatosa tastings.