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Sorry still new to Ratebeer. Is there any reason why this one cant be rated even though it is verified?

I tried searching for ‘grey rate button’ but didn’t get very far, although I learned a bit about honey eclipsed imperial stouts!

Many thanks

I believe that is an unrateable beverage because it is not actually brewed, but rather a fruit juice with alcohol added.

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Thankyou. That sort of makes sense if them be the rules, although it let me rate another flavour from the same ‘brewer’ so I guess there is an element of ad-hoc about it.

I was about to review that that the fruit flavour was less artificial than some other flavoured ciders I’ve reviewed. I guess that is because there was actual fruit juice! Makes me wonder whether the non-brewed flavoured ciders are actually better ironically but that’s for another topic!


Thanks for notifying me. It seems that some admins have not cared about the rules we have for soda labelled as cider.

If you check the brewer page you will find the following info:
“Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.”

As even non-alcoholic flavoured sodas has been rated and verified I will need to step in and erase some of this. You may lose some ticks.


Thank you. Yes that’s fine I’m happy to lose a few ticks. I’ve done some mini-research and now realise that part of the reason I enjoyed the strawberry-lime version is that it has as much sugar as a Coca-Cola! I will be limiting my intake of that fake brew.

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