Ratebeer APP release 1.32.0 (2019-09-16)

New Search Results look (now the same design as the website search results)

New Brewer page look (modelled over what it will be soon on the website)

Some feedback

Still missing any kind of sorting options in the brewer’s listing (sorted by Most Ratings only)

Our Own Score doesn’t appear in the Places Search result

The brewer’s description is cut to maximum 2 lines in the brewer’s page and there’s no way to expand it.

The Search result look should be optimized, especially to make own score more evident (see other post for example)

You should always use 4 lines by default for the Search Results (even if there’s no RETIRED / SERIES / USER SCORE) to make all the results the same height, and that way you could increase the size of the beer pic to 4 lines by default as well to make it viewable.

In the Brewer’s page, for a more optimized view, the Brewer logo name should be on the left like the Beer pages and the Place pages… I don’t know why it as been reversed in this page compared the others… it should look similar to the current website Place pages.

@aww @services

Oh the Brewer page is MUCH improved. Still think each entry takes up too much space, its a lot of scrolling for any brewery with 50+ beers and thats not uncommon these days, I still really dislike the show more, should in my opinion just go t them all right away. Why the extra click , Ordering still seems Random. or at least not predicable if im trying to check if ive had that beer. But on the whole a MASSIVE improvement