Ratebeer App

I finally downloaded the ratebeer app. Offline ratings sounds great if a place does not have WiFi, no need to write a note and transfer. Anything else the app does better than the mobile page?

You really missed something…The App does a really good job now IMO.

Search speed is now ok.
Pages are looking ok.
We have a working offline rating option.
The Barcode scanner works well now.
Adding distribution is pretty easy because of the gps compared to mobile web view.

I ALWAYS use it on the go, it’s way better than mobile view most of the time, except when you need to see the brewer’s listing then it just plain sucks and always did (no A-Z and no sorting options)… I still need the mobile web version especially for that.
The map is still missing too…Nearby Places works very well but we definitely need filter options…

Apart from that, we still have many missing features compared to the website and a few blatant bugs (APP Global Feedback & Bugs Updates) but at least it’s working well for it’s main purpose, finding beers and reviewing and quick rating.

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seconded. As i always said if we get off-line i wwould move from Eric app, and i have, now using new app all the time. Not had a big festival with it yet but works pretty good day to day .

Search is betterthan it was (though i still prefer the old search)

the biggest flaw is def brewery listing but gien the web page for this is also fucked up :frowning: opefully we will see a useable brewery page soon


Does it save locally the list of beers that one had already, so that without network one would know what to drink?

not tht im aware of, it has recent stuff but again not tried offline