Ratebeer best 2017 and lack of discussion

Ratebeer best awards started rolling out three days ago but still no discussion about them on the forums and I wonder why.

Haven’t people noticed, are they waiting till the last category winners are announced, they just don’t care anymore or has the userbase become so minimal?

A brewery from my homeland Greece was announced Best New Brewer in the world and has a beer in the top 100 beers of the year, and although I think they deserve at least one prize, I would expect an uproar about homerism, ratings manipulation, bugged algorithm etc as it always happens.

Actually we had bit of that prior to the awards

I was waiting for all the awards to be published before continuing the discussion

The case of the Greek brewer and voter manipulation has also been discussed in a thread on the :netherlands:Nederland subforum, starting at:

Those repeated examples of cheating should really be banned out by purging all users, brewery, and beers who were involved. And have a minimum rate count of 100 over a rolling period of 12 months.

Is this advertised anywhere? I spend all day on this damn site and I didn’t know this was happening.


Just the front page

As blipp mentioned, RBB was so poorly advertised that I think many people haven’t noticed.

You’d think it would’ve made sense for site leadership to post a forum thread linking to the winner list, but RB gonna RB.

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More discussion on why the RB Best hasn’t been discussed, than discussion on the RB Best.


Yeah it was pretty in the open on mobile. I suppose if your default ia your ratings or stats, then it would be pretty easy to miss, though.

There’s literally nothing that in the front page worth looking at, as a general rule. The first place I go to is either the forums or my profile.


Yea normally Joet starts a thread announcing it and that starts discussion. I never visit the front page either straight to forums or old my activity page.

I don’t think Joe really uses the website anymore.


As for best new brewers I do love Equillibrium and The Referend so agree on those fronts



Had no idea this was happening. I, like most people here, never visit the homepage which is apparently the only place it’s mentioned, and it’s a damn small mention at that. I always go straight to my profile (activity or ratings) or the forums.

I think all of those things are partly responsible. I do wonder why joet didn’t post about it though. Anyone else feeling a bit uneasy about RB recently? The complete disregard for the poll results, the lack of promotion for RBB, Compile Ratings being left broken so we can’t export and leave. Something’s going on…

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Did I miss the announcement on the RB awards beer festival in Santa Rosa too?

Yeah I’ve seen that one. Some sarcastic posts actually showing support unless I got it wrong and the rest don’t really care.

Support for what?

Support in that a small country with not a long brewing history can actually make a great beer. I was reffering to your posts actually. Or maybe it wasn’t sarcasm and you really don’t believe that someone who started as a homebrewer can adapt his recipe into a greater scale, produce it in a professional brewery and the result being a really good beer.

I admit. I emailed a few of my favorite brewers asking them if they were looking forward to this years results and if they thought they’d win anything…all of them, “I didn’t know there was going to be one this year”