Ratebeer Best - Massachussets subregion

Very very interesting results. How is this calculated? In the middle of the haze mania, how did CBC end up as best brewpub and Jacks Abby as best taproom?

It’s almost like data and hype are two different things :sunglasses:


well, sure is interesting.

I read somewhere that Tree House and Sam Adams have equal amount of visitors. But still Jacks Abby tops them.

Note to self: dont sleep on Jacks Abby

I have been to the Boston area several times over the past couple of years so although not a local I feel I can speak like one. Jacks Abby is 110% legit, I’m ashamed it took me so long to get there the first time but the selection of awesome hoppy lagers, the food, the service, the space, all great.

CBC I have some real reserves about, honestly I think there beer is quite bland except for a couple of exceptions. The place is nice though, and it has some historical boost due to being one of the first brewpubs in Boston.

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yeah, I agree to some extent. I have sat outside in the sun at CBC, it is indeed a very nice spot although beers are a bit blend.

I just find this staggering considering our current landscape with haze and hype and all that

where are you seeing RateBeer Best was it posted for 2017 yet? I still haven’t tried Treehouse since I don’t stand in lines anymore, rarely go to tastings, and they don’t distribute. I have however drank a bunch of Jacks Abby and CBC perhaps that’s the reason for the bump, lazy folks like myself.

Here: https://www.ratebeer.com/ratebeerbest/

I lucked out and happened to purchase a dog in Monson MA and my wife randomly searched breweries… no lines at TH but not their beat beers there either. Still happy that I went.

Jacks Abby is pretty cool. Great to try out their beers at their freshest and grab 15 or so bottles.

CBC beers I am not impressed with.

I thought the results were quite good; probably Tree House and Trillium were not eligible for subregion since they won Top 100 best breweries, would be my guess.

CBC seems to be rather polarizing, since they try not to buy completely in to hype and their beers aren’t flashy or good for tickers / people on this site, for the most part. They certainly make their fair share of hazy IPAs, however. Jack’s Abby has gone down hill significantly, I’ve found, in the past year or so. I remember at their last Anniversary event last year, we tried about 20 different beers and almost all of them were mediocre to bad. I feel like they got huge way too fast, rapidly expanding distro, opening Springdale, etc… That said, you can make arguments for either, but no one in Mass holds a candle to CBC’s sours / barreled beers. Their long-established program pumps out so many awesome beers even in a single month.

And restaurant/beer bar, liquor store/grocery seems arbitrary. Both row 34 and Armsby are restaurants and both Julios and Fort Point have the same level of “grocery”.

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