Ratebeer Best

Mount St Bernards Abbey: 4th best new brewery in the World.

Usual random stuff at regional level.


Especially Oxfordshire?

Wow. What’s the point?

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Not too sure that’s a ‘good pointer’ to the best beers in a region, but nice to have a look at; thanks @BeardedAvenger.

Batemans XXXB not mentioned makes me doubt the results.


I think it tells you which regions are asleep…


I wonder how many ratings a new brewery needs to qualify for a ranking? If you took one bottle of a beer from a new Surrey brewery (or any county with a blank in that column) to the Cotts Convention and also sent it out on a few trades etc, that brewery could win best new brewery in 2020.

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Up until this year we have trawled the UK part of Ratebeer Best and sieved out the nonsense and replaced with more sensible suggestions. Joe wanted the system to deliver this year, so I didn’t bother with any changes. You are seeing what Raw data delivers. If a brewery has big exports to the States then the results will be skewed by that (Charles Wells, Wychwood etc.)


Shepherd Neame Double Stout in a bottle is the best beer in Kent. It’s quite good yes. Not the best though and such a shame that a bottle beer wins instead of cask.
Alpha State may be the best brewer according to RB but unless you go to one or two specific bars, you won’t see their beers in Kent at all. And even then it’s one at a time. Eddie Gadd at Ramsgate is clearly the best brewer in Kent hands down. Even Phil Goacher from Goacher’s Brewery sent his son to Eddie to learn how to brew.
Iron Pier, best new brewery. I would support this. Very solid beers.

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Oakham and Burning Sky both won which makes me happy

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Are the awards decided purely by ratings in year?

In my area the number of raters is low, and the number of ratings seems to be declining (just wondering how long it is before I get to pick the South Yorkshire winners single handedly :wink: )


Burning Sky yes definitely. Oakham have been hit and miss but so have so many of the Cambs breweries.

I haven’t even looked at the results, where as usually im champing at the bit. Its difficult to care anymore


Skimmed the list a little earlier and came to the same conclusion:
“Its difficult to care any anymore”


Not that I don’t care anymore but that the RB brand is tainted. RB Best is a brilliant stick with which to beat us, especially with some of the UK results…

Having said this, I find the list more interesting than many in previous years. It seems to be noticeably less US-centric with some genuinely cool results. Never did I think I’d see the day when a Leicestershire brewery made the list.

Ratebeer seems to be heading towards becoming the BetaMax of rating sites: possibly better but far less marketable than our greatest competitors. But we do what we do well and that is down to us, the users, not the macro overlords.