Ratebeer is dead, long live untappd

Interesting article. I don’t know if it’s already mentioned before:

People still blog?


While I agree in principle, I’ve seen so many mediocre beers getting tapped a 4.5 or higher on Untappd. The blogger doesn’t put much stock in it, but if we’re being real, most Untappd users aren’t putting all that much thought into what the beer is about.


Also, this guy doesn’t have a clue how statistics works. He certainly has a point that our database is less up-to-date than we’d wish for, but the sheer numbers don’t say anything about the data quality.


Does Untappd have a top list? How would one determine which beers are best of UT? Does their list, if any, track what we Ratebeerians would consider beers of quality? In any case, all y’all need to be rating more beers to prove them all wrong.

And places…



Exactly. Untappd has a lot of double entries and vintages of beers. This is a much more logical explanation for the higher number of beers in the UT database.


It would be a logical explanation if vintages counted towards a brewer’s total beers. But they don’t. And honestly double entries generally get merged very quickly.

Retired beers also don’t count towards a brewer’s total beer stat, so in fact there are way more beers in Untappd’s database that aren’t even being counted by the author, something which the he neglects to point out. So while I agree the article is pointless and misuses statistics to make us at Ratebeer look bad and implies that sheer quantity is better than quality, it’s unfair to suggest Untappd’s numbers are higher than they should be.

Also, the author seems to disprove himself at one point in his example with Cloudwater beers as it seems we somehow have more listed here than Untappd do???

Overall what a stupid article. It would have been much more interesting if he’d compared and contrasted ratings from all three websites, looked at what breweries/beers/styles crossed over and which had massive disparity, and look into reasons why that was the case. Instead he just took the opportunity to bash RB.


The guy is from San Diego, and his point is that local beers are often missing from the database, and when they’re there, they have very few ratings compared to other beer rating sites. As I’ve said before, this is incredibly accurate.

San Diego County has 2-3 active raters for well over 150 breweries. We’re not Denmark and we’re not London, where the Ratebeer community thrives.


Yeah that’s valid, and it’s true for many parts of the UK too actually. The article title is at least sensationalising things though, RB isn’t dead until we all leave.

Anyway it would be nice to see RB doing itself some favours and trying to rectify these problem areas. The Places section of the site in particular is poorly utilised because it functions so poorly, at least for most countries outside North America. Revamping that and making it all functional again would be a great start.

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That is surprising there’s so few raters in San Diego. Is it that people just don’t know about RB?

I really think the way to reviving RB is to provide more attractive elements besides the simple rating. One would be to organise some kind of tour of major cities in the US that would be a magnet for the serious beer tick pros; An event / tasting / talk / discussion evening or tap-takeover with a stellar line-up of rare beers brewed exclusively for the tour, and the prospect of similar events available only to RateBeer users.

Sponsored by Ab Inbev of course!


Of course AB Inbev could mail each rater 50 beers they haven’t had… because why not, I am greedy and do not ever want to pay for Goose Island… but yeah what you said works too.

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It isn’t dead, but it is undeniably dying. Was it FatPhil who termed the ABInBev “upgrade” a Trojan horse? Excellent analogy. I have not renewed my premium membership. I am slowly falling behind on my endeavours to continue adding new rates here while I move everything over to UnTappd, and I am caring less and less. Why? Because nothing is being done here-- NOTHING-- to improve my user experience, or to at least openly communicate what the fucken plan is. It’s like joet has tossed the car keys to a kid who barely has his learners license and then walked away.


Ive registered on Untapped recently. I don’t rate there, but use it for 1. Finding out what bars have on tap 2. ratings of beers that are not in RB.

Overall it is useful, but overall ratings have little to do with the quality of the beer. In general, I knock .2-.3 off the rating and hope for the best.

RB has a big problem with lack of ratings and usability, but still quality of ratings is much better here.


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Congrats ABInbev on the top 4 beers!


This is the best use for Untappd. Since so many people use it, and so many places don’t update their social media, this is how I go to.


Its the same or worse up here…there is a couple of us…today and tonight i added a brewery and 5 beers…they had over 250 rates on untappd.


RateBeer will not die before I am dead at least. They’ll have to pry my rating notebook from my cold dead hands. :slight_smile:


Yeah but try adding something as simple and basic as a pic on a beer’s profile page. I’ve sent in half a dozen with zero results.