Ratebeer is the future ... in some venues!

Popped by the new Beerhawk bar off the Southbank yesterday, review to follow in the usual place.

They have a wall mounted device that allows you to look up beers on this here site !


How did they get search to work for just that one console?

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I wish I had tried it tbh … but was just a flying visit.

That’s actually quite cool. But ABI are going to need to buy up thousands more bars, pubs, taprooms etc. to get more of those installed and even then the vast majority will probably stick with Untappd on their phones. Did you see anyone use it?

I hate BH and would rather not give ABI more of my money so I doubt I’ll ever visit myself.


Did it show network error?

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It was 4pm yesterday, Monday afternoon, so aside from the Wingman and myself there were only 4 or 5 other punters.

I would have had a quick play myself but time was against us and I wanted to hit the Hoplocker 3 before I had to leave town.

Looks a decent bottle shop and bar

I’ll definately be back.

Good prices on the bottles.