Ratebeer just can't keep up with new beers

For the past year (or two) it seems that every 2nd or 3rd beer I try at a local craft beer bar does not exist on Ratebeer, yet has 20+ entries on other sites, particularly Untappd. I don’t mean new beers at the brewery, I mean beers that have been on the market for a while. I understand why this is, but it is getting very annoying to the point of making me less inclined to use Ratebeer. There seems to be 4 of us regularly tasting new VA beers, in a state that is leading the charge in new great beers. I don’t give a hoot about the ABInBev stuff, but the site seems to be dying and I am really wondering why I bother. I taste a new beer, enter it on the site, it gets at most 2 reviews in the following year. Rinse, repeat.

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You have focused inappropriately. True - hundreds of cans a week can’t all get entered on Ratebeer. However, from what I see, other sites have no useful information - xpt if you know a venue you can likely see what’s there now. I appreciate that and use it for information - but I use Ratebeer for almost all my beer stuff. Like what’s new with Sierra Nevada. Or Belching Beaver. Oh, there’s a BB not on the site. Cool, there may be some info on untappd, or maybe just out on the web. But I see no value/information on a particular beer on untappd. Putting Beeradvocate aside (because the colors and approach make me towards nauseous) other sites are like instagram or facebook - here for a moment - then lost in space. Ratebeer goes back approacheably for quite a few years. It’s THE site. Trust me!

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I had 2 flights today. Out of those10 beers - 6 were new to the database, 3 had 1 rating, 1 had 3 ratings.

Those same beers have close to 2000 “rates” on Untappd.

Unfortunately a majority of craft beer drinkers today just want to post a picture of their beer and get a badge.



Tho it may not be unfortunate. The [insert pejorative word] people may be supplying the money may be making it possible for “us” to enjoy near infinite variety of beers. :grin:

I add multiple beers a week on - local breweries, breweries I like, breweries in places I’m going to visit. If more people did that…

Although I will admit I don’t add photos. Can’t be bothered with that and don’t want to fill my phone with photos.

Point there. I need to learn how to delete the phone photos. They’re on my PC anyway.

Although our numbers of active users are dwindling, I would also point out that the amount of new beers is exploding to the point I believe even at RB’s finest and most active it would still be woefully far behind.

Although the thought of having all the work done for you is appealing, I a am interested in rating beer and writing something somewhat useful, so I will happily keep adding many new beers and just hope that others do as well.


I had to enter a ‘new’ brewery into RB a couple months ago that’s been open for 2+ years.


I added a couple recently that were not on Untappd yet so RB is not always behind the curve.

That’s the kind of dismissive and antiquated attitude that has unfortunately prevented any meaningful growth in the site (in my eyes). I had similar views in 2012 or so, but my own experience with many other people who are into craft beer, but not on RB, quickly changed those views.

Using the DC-area as an example, we used to have a pretty vibrant group of raters. In 2013/2014 it would be easy for a brand new local beer (not widely distributed) to get well over 10 ratings at just one tasting. Even putting aside that some of the more prolific raters have moved out of the area (Travlr and BeerandBlues2 being two of the biggest, though there have been many, many more I could list), we could probably could still get close to 8 ratings on a new beer in 2016 within a few weeks of the beer release.

Now, even when every single person who actively rates in the greater DC area shows up to a tasting, we can probably only get 5 rates added, and that number is generally the last new rate that beer will get for years (or ever). And 2 of those 5 rates are from people who don’t even live in the area anymore, but always try to join us when they are in town. Without a tasting, the beers probably get 3 ratings, max, often with only one rating, depending on the location of the brewery. We often have just as many Untappd users at our “Ratebeer” tastings.

What I found was that a lot of formerly active users still in the area got “burnt out”. A few switched over to ticking, but ticking on this site is still pretty much useless for anything other than personal use (especially the bullshit “Not Qualified” rating you might come across on a person’s profile page). It’s not easy for me to figure out if someone I’m friends with on here has had a particular beer. Honestly I’m not even sure if ticks are all that useful, as I’ve used ticks in the past to quickly rate something, but found they were pretty much useless without actually clicking into the beer page to see whatever I rated it.

Ticks should be counted exactly the same as rates on here, and they should be just as visible as rates. If that drives away a handful of vocal users who still hate that idea, so be it.

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Dunno - I’ve just been so used to have to add 80% of beers I try in general and 99% of beers from Croatia that nothing has really changed for me since 2004. I don’t generally find it to be an issue or a bother, unless I’m rating out with others, and then I prefer shorthand notes anyway.

Some good points made above. I find it pretty rare when getting a new beer and adding to RB for it not to be already added to untappd. I do find that (at least here in Copenhagen/DK) brewers are very proactive now with adding their own beers themselves to UT, perhaps mostly to ensure precision of data integrity, but also the awareness that nearly every bar/taproom in town is a verified venue and want to ensure their latest brews are ready to be advertised when released for locals/tourists alike.

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I’m going to assume that you’re referring directly to “reviews” of the beers directly.

There are more beer descriptions on Untappd. Photos of not only the beer, but labels are almost guaranteed on Untappd over Ratebeer. I have about 50-100 photos I’ve been saving to add to RB, but the existing process is just not something I consider worth my free time.

Locations are better on Untappd. If you’re in an active area, you can not only see the current menu at a verified place, but if the place is unverified, you can often see when someone last checked into that location with a particular beer. I like adding in where I had a beer on RB, but it’s pretty much useless for anyone trying to seek out a beer currently.

There’s a lot of value in Untappd.

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New beers without pics get on my nerves! It’s extremely easy to do, if you’re the one adding the beer, and a photo can just be deleted from your phone in seconds? I don’t see what’s difficult.


I use Untappd purely for the purpose of seeing where beers I’m interested in have been available.

I’m based in London for work so there are many many venues and this is a worthwhile exercise … although for smaller towns probably less so.

The one dick move that occurs on UT is people checking in their own beers … so one of my regular after work Friday venues had 3 Other Half beers last Friday … I of course knew full well that they weren’t for sale and someone was just sharing them but theres got to be folks unfamiliar with the bar/area who glance at UT then turn up asking about the OH !?!

I don’t add photos as much now that you can’t unless you enter the beer, and on your phone. The more things that make it hard for people to do work to make the sight better (and that’s all of us), the less people will do work…

Except if, like me, you prefer adding a new beer on your computer since it’s easier and takes less time. Then there’s no hope of adding a photo.

Blame Donnie @GenDV138


But adding a beer (and a pic) takes seconds on a phone? How much easier can it be using a computer? Genuine question, btw, because I don’t do computers.