RateBeer Mobile 1.10 release today

Hi everyone,

Stefanos here from the RateBeer mobile team. Today we’ve released another update, version 1.10, to all users on iOS and Android. This is a smaller update that includes:

  • Updated look and feel for search that includes the ability to find brewers
  • Ability to select recent searches so you can quickly get back to your search
  • Updated spotting flow so it’s more clear how to share the location of a beer with the community
  • Several bug fixes (a lot of which were pointed out on these forums, so thank you)

In terms of what’s coming next, we’re working on integrating RateBeer places data in the app so you can look up a place using your location, see its rating and quickly read/add availability. This is one of the richest but also underutilized parts of the website and will be useful to a lot of users on the app. I’m also looking into temporarily storing ratings locally on your device so you can go back and forth from your text rating to the attributes without losing your data.

If you have feedback on how to improve, post it here or shoot an email to mobile@ratebeer.com. You can also access that email through the help screen on the app.


I can’t use feedback within the app, since I deleted the Mail app on ios. But good to know the email address, I will try to remember it.

Great. Also feel free to post feedback here!

But Tucker has been telling us for 10 years not to post feedback here.

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Ok brewers search is good its there.

But once again, id rather see all the beers, Esp what ive not rated.
What appears first appears to be , beers ive had , and in a random order

Maybe others use the app a different way, but for me, Its all about finding a beer and seeing if ive had it.
If i look up a brewer its generally because im in a bottle shop and im checking all the bottles vs what ive had
I dont care to Read (or scroll past pages of text) trying to find the beer ive got in my hand

I just want a list of all the beers with some indicator of if ive had it. (ideally a score as if ive had but it was 4.5+ above im prob buying again)

This. And the ability to write a review befóre assigning scores. I thinks this has been the biggest want since day one of the new app.


The search results in the app are sorted by the number of total ratings.

The search results in the app show exactly that if you’re logged in (your overall rating on a slider with the text of your review below it).

Which is NO use when trying to find a beer, how am i meant to know how many ratings a beer has.

But actually its probably worse than that, in that for Heavy RB users, where more often than not, we will will probably have had the High number of rating beers, its the beers with Zero, or a handfull of ratings that were probably trying to find.

No It doesnt AS you SAY it has the REVIEW below it…Meaning that when im trying to look through say Tempest.
I need to scroll past the Text of NINETY SIX reviews before i see any new ones.

With a Pause of a second or two ever 10 or so reviews

Thats unusalable

Don’t know whether it applies to every release, or I just had a very old one, but I just updated the app and was still getting a prompt to update when I opened it. Then I realised the old version was still there and it was that I was opening. So I had to uninstall it. That’s not too good if it’s necessary to do that every release, is it?

Not a problem ive ever had

Me neither, regular update. Brewer search is FINALLY here and makes the new app feel a bit more useful.

Please, please enable offline rating.
The places-thing sound nice, it’s good to get locations you’re close to first etc, but please look into the possibility of offline rating, and entering text before digits, first.


Probably just a glitch for me then. I don’t think I’d upated it since the original release (seeing as how I don’t actually use it) so that might have something to do with it.

I will almost certainly look to use a DB on my phone before the new app, unless it has offline ratings.
WIthout Offline the advantage of the app suddenly vanishes for me

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Make beer listings sorted alphabetically and without our ratings showned by default, only our score… This is a pain to find a particular beer the way it works right now.


That’s why Erics app is still superior. And I say that even when the old app get no connection.

It’s of use for some (I prefer it, to be honest; I can narrow down my search and scroll past the ones I can see that I’ve had). I think there should be a very clear and easy way to sort search results (e.g., by total ratings, alphabetically, have rated, have not rated), which would add a lot of value for people that use search differently.

That is exactly what I said. If the search results are too broad, then you can just add an additional word to narrow it down, no?

I was talking about Brewery Search . I dont want to narrow further.

I want a List of all the beers with an indication of if ive had it.
if i didnt want all the breweries beers id have started with a narrower search

Heres just one Use case.
Reception sucks in the Bottle shop.

So i step outside load the brewery . step back in and look up and down for each beer on Searchh

Alphabetical make this so much easier.

Then step out look up next brewer and step back in with that list.

The problem as far as i can see it is a lot of the Changes are fine if you just want to sit at home and look up a Beer.

But if your out and about and trying to do lots efficiently it sucks, as soon as you hit a Dead Zone for reception, come across a badly scrawled Chalk board, Someone Just tells you Beer name, You hit problems

So yeah Maybe It will Drive up Casual use as its Easier. But Many of these changes are making my life (and from others commenting there using Excel etc, not just me) much more difficult

What exactly is the point of this? Does your mobile dev actually have any experience of beta testing apps?

The entire point of that section is to give your testers precise notes on what exactly you’ve changed and what you need us to test. That way we can focus on that and give valuable and actionable feedback.

I can’t do anything with these completely useless notes. Tell me what you’ve done!

You’re just as bad as the completely unhelpful stuff Microsoft write in their betas when you act like this.