RateBeer Mobile 1.9 Release Today

Hi everyone!

Stefanos here from the RateBeer mobile team. Today we’ve released the first app update of the year, version 1.9, to all users on iOS and Android. This update includes highly requested features and improves how we deliver the app to you. We:

  • Added the ability to delete your beer ratings/reviews that you’ve accidentally added. You can delete ratings from the Beer or User Profile.
  • Improved UI to help users understand the differentiate between public and private reviews.
  • Deployed a new Continuous Integration(CI) process that will allow us to push app updates without updating through the the app stores. This will reduce our cycle times for updates.
  • Removed the extra permission requests on Barcode Scanning on Android.

This is a good start, but just a taste of what’s to come! Next we’re adding the ability to find brewers through search and integrating RateBeer Places into the app.

If you’re enjoying the app, please take a minute to rate it on the Play/App store. Also, if you have feedback on how to improve (or just want to say hi), shoot an email to mobile@ratebeer.com. You can also access that email through the help screen on the app.



Cool. But why are you still ignoring all us beta testers? If you let us test all this kind of stuff and give feedback on it you’d be able to get far more done and with far less bugs.

These changes are fine but I don’t believe they are highly requested. Where’s offline rating? Where’s the ability to write a review before/while scoring the beer? Those things were highly requested.

Why do you we have to email feedback to you? Why can’t we use these forums? The slight implication is for example this this very post of mine will be ignored and I will receive no response to it. Again.


Is there any process to update the website with the bugs that keep getting raised too?

How about fixing the Print City Maps option for a start. I’m sure could go on and on and on and on…

All well and good the App being improved but what percentage of users actually rate in the App compared to the website?

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Yeah I am just going to stop using the beta app, the official app gets the updates faster now.

Thanks for your feedback. We are definitely listening. I’ve been recently working on a search “let’s make it the same” campaign that brings together the best of mobile and web search so that we have a common search experience.

Feedback gets back to us in a number of ways, so if there’s a method that you are more comfortable with, please use it.

On the web side, I’m readying another push. We’re coming out with a new header design soon, as well as a new beer page and search. I’ll be fixing bugs along the way as well.

The mobile app has come along significantly and we’ll be adding more to it soon. Step by step, it’s getting better. Your feedback, usage, our interviews, and testing all inform where and how we build. We’ve also recently added a user experience designer who is putting together some inspiring new innovations. I’m excited to release these in the coming weeks.




Thanks for finally replying to some of our concerns.

Good. As long as we don’t lose any functionality from before I think most of us are happy with this. We still need to see whether or not we’ve rated a beer on the web side of things until we have feature parity once again.

I’m comfortable with any method, but these posts always tell us to email. Nothing wrong with that but I feel these forums are a underused resource for you in this respect as they have the added benefit of allowing discussion, if there’s a serious issue with something then more people will comment on it. Any contentious issues may even have useful suggestions on how to fix or improve etc.

It would be nice if you could offer previews (if not an actual beta then screenshots would suffice) so that we can offer constructive feedback before changes are made.

Please delete alias tags, which will probably fix Compile Ratings.
Please fix foreign characters not displaying correctly, this still effects so many pages.
Please check all your mentions on the forums as there are other bugs here people have reported.

Good to hear but if I may reiterate please make use of the beta testers you have for the mobile app. Push releases to us first so we can give feedback before you roll out to everyone. Some of us are experienced in beta testing apps and not just beer enthusiasts.

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Exactly. Offline rating should be a pretty high priority.

Scoring before writing a review is painfully obviously a design implemented by non-raters and non-users of Ratebeer. I’m very close to actually actively using the app, but until that comes, it’s useless to me for rating.

Another option would be the ability to undo, not delete, but undo an accidental slider rating that deletes the attribute scores. Quite sure that 99.9999% of cases where someone who had already entered attribute scores clicks on the “main slider” and not the others is by mistake. And a potentially non-fixable one if it’s an old rating. An even better solution would actually be the app asking you if you really want to annul your attribute scores in such an occurrence.

I’d say that those three are the current main UI issues there.


Nice to see some issues adressed in the replies by joet. Still, there is one thing missing, the ability to write a review before assigning numbers for the rating. I think this is the most requested feature, but this question is continually ignored.
So is this going to happen or not? And if not, please let us know, just communicate about it.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. The frustration that you don’t have as much time as you should to test the beta versions of the app is definitely warranted. With our new Continuous Integration pipeline however, you will be getting new features as they come out (rather than as a batch like today). That way you’ll have a lot more time to give feedback.

In terms of updating attributes while writing your review, we haven’t figured out a good design solution yet for the phone screen (especially the smaller ones). Initially we had more info on the rating screen, but that was an issue for users writing longer reviews. I’ll bring it up again with our designer to see what’s possible there. For offline ratings, we’ve put together some designs that I’m happy to share, but it ended up being a much bigger engineering push that I had expected. It’s definitely top of mind though for when resources free up.

The search on the app has just been updated after @cgarvieuk and many others requested it so that it handles fragmented search (e.g., ‘riv youn’). Can you try it out and send feedback? Email or here is fine, I was just pointing out the email because I thought it would be easier while using the app in the wild.


Im definitely finding the Partial search on Playing around, much better than it was. Seems to work fine. UNLESS you split up a Brewery name like “cl wat” for Cloudwater ,“cam van” for camper van. But Definitely a major step forward

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Thanks for directly responding to the questions, good to hear that the write before rate issue has your attention.

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This must be happening right now because the main website is all kinds of messed up.

“In terms of updating attributes while writing your review, we haven’t figured out a good design solution yet for the phone screen (especially the smaller ones).”

Look at Eric’s old app as a start, that’s what you do. If the screen is not big enough then you simply have to scroll up and down to get to the attributes on top / the text in the bottom. A good thing would be to have the visible text area to grow downwards automatically as you write a long review, instead of having it fixed, so you would have to scroll the text inside the text area as well.

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IMO Eric’s app should’ve been the starting point. I’ve used it a long time when I had an Android phone and I can’t say it had any real downsides. It was exactly what it should be: A mobile friendly, light version of the Ratebeer site, with offline rating added.

I used it all the time.


Me too, I still use it so see which beers I’ve had. But rating doesn’t work anymore unfortunately.

Have you tried the Load friends page trick before uploading ratings.

I was rating with it today. SO still working for me

and ive still high hopes for new app.

I still rate through Eric’s app when I’m not in front of a computer. Yes, my ratings go through.

I still rate with Eric’s app as well, synchronizing doesn’t really work anymore though.

Man, I usually get pretty quick feedback if something critical is down. What’s up?

There was general site slowness with lots of errors on the “main” part of the website, then the beer pages were messed up. It seems to be fixed now, and I haven’t had any issues today. Maybe a browser issue? I’ll double check when I’m home.