RateBeer Mobile App - Release 2.6.9


We’re just releasing the latest app update v2.6.9

This includes amongst some bug and stability fixes, the following;

  • Fixes a crash that occurs when scanning a barcode then searching for a beer
  • Has better labelling for out of production beers, out of business businesses and closed places
  • Allows the user to look at an aliased beer instead of forcing the user to view the new beer
  • Should make scrolling through search results a little nicer too

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In french, there’s some corrections that must be done (for WEBSITE too by the way)

RETIRED products should be DISCONTINUÉ (instead of HORS DE PRODUCTION)

OUT OF BUSINESS brewers should simply be FERMÉ (certainly not EN PANNE)

how can you see Closed places on the App, normally, closed places don’t show up on search?

They should appear if they’re linked to a brewer (under associated)

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Oh yeah Associated places… Didn’t think about them thx

You should use that exact same pattern for the website too, it doesn’t feature the same errors than the website version do.

The only problem I still see is from this Alias page, there’s no way to know you already had the Beer because the Aliased beer doesn’t show as rated and the Alias beer doesn’t show as rated either. Ideally, the Aliased entry should show as rated in the search (yellowed background) and from the Aliased beer page, you should be able to see the Rated score (with date) of the Alias beer (just like we do from the Beer search entry)


This is an interesting one, once a beer gets aliased the review/rating gets moved over to the beer that is now the primary. In turn we’d have to assume that if the primary beer has a review then the user must have rated the alias which might not always be correct…

@joet Do you have any ideas on how we should make this a better experience?

Services @ RateBeer

One way that could work is that the Aliased beer ratings are automatically moved to the Alias (primary) beer, like right now.
But the Aliased beer gets an integral copy of the Alias beer Score instead of showing no score at all, in the Search and if the Alias beer is rated, the aliased beer is displayed as Rated as well (yellow background). Kind of a Copied/Mirror Status. Of course, you’d need a way to not make the copied score / ratecount to count in the stats

This means both beer would show with the same score but the Aliased one would have no rating and a mention “This beer cannot be reviewed” with the “Also Known As” exactly like you did with the App.

Then, the Aliased beer could show up in the user’s ratings under its own name (so the user knows which beer he really had), with a score and a personal score mention, have it’s own page but you have to go to the Alias beer page to see the reviews.

This could work going forward, however wouldn’t work for those currently aliased. Something to definitely think about though.

Yeah I don’t know how you could make it work for past ratings…

Ideally, the rating should be linked to an assigned BeerID, then aliased beer are just redirected to another BeerID but for user profiles, the original BeerID is kept, just redirected.
For aliased ratings, it could even have an automated mention added to the user review upon alias creation: " Rated as beer alias BEER ALIASED NAME" (similar to the automated mention added when 2 ratings are merged for duplicates: “notes from earlier rating”)

Also, the Alias beer should have a mention of aliased beers linked to it, not only the other way around. Both in the search and in their profile.
For example, in our PRINTABLE BEER LIST (from My Account), the Alias beer name is displayed with all aliased beer name under it (it already exists, so its definitely possible to do)

Bièropholie Brune de Septembre
Also known as Le Chaudron La Médiévale - Le Chaudron La Paysanne - Le Chaudron St-Charles Brune Allemande

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I wouldn’t assume rating duplicates but would definitely check after a merge. Right now that checking, review merging (if applicable), and notification (if applicable) is very resource-intensive and needs to be updated to use the Discourse notification system and MailChimp Mandrill emailer.