RateBeer Mobile App: release notes 2 Aug 2018

The mobile app continues to improve. And thanks for all the feedback. It’s been great for helping us get the app on a positive track. Below is a list of most recent additions. Be sure to update your apps if suggested. Also, for those of you who rated the app early, you might want to revisit those ratings. This app is much further along than when we first debuted it last year!



v1.17.0 - Aug 2, 2018

  • We’ve updated the app’s navigation
  • Added transition animations for both iOS and Android
  • Added a back gesture (for iOS only)
  • Support and SafeAreaView iPhone X Navigation header
  • Implemented graphic changes to “Find It” button
  • Fixed connectivity reporting.
  • And others


But this issue is still not adressed.


I click on the x and…

? Or am I misunderstanding you?

Still no rating before scoring and therefore useless.
If you want to be more like untappd… They allow it.


Download it again and more problems.

I clicked on availability after reviewing on the mobile site and it took me to the app. I click on it on my ratings on the mobile site, and it takes me to the app.

Uninstalling the app again.

Mobile web wants to redirect to app when possible, but normally it should “ask you” the first time if you want to open with mobile web or with app. (you can then chose “open one time with” or “always open with”)

If you want to change the default back to mobile web, On Android, you go in Settings, Apps, Configure Apps (top right corner), Apps links, Ratebeer and change it to www.ratebeer.com (or maybe the Browser app) instead of the Ratebeer App…

Yup that easy :wink:

I don’t get the X problem when deleting the search term either on Android…works fine for me.

Still no Alphabetical Sorting for Brewer’s listing makes it useless for search, still only good for complete ticks, to add Availability infos quicker and to find Nearby Places for me.
Also still no quick links from brewers-to-places / places-to-brewers


As @Viper666.Qc mentioned - this is not a problem with the app; but a configuration in your settings.

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As long as he’s been given a choice which one to use right? It didn’t change with the new release?

Where’s that FIND IT button? You mean the Availability button next the slider/ own review?

I clicked on a beer in my reviews again and there was a pop up box. Choose Ratebeer or Chrome, which is the browser that I use. I chose Chrome and it took me to my review on the mobile site.

Thanks guys.

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In the other thread I linked there is a video of my screen I took:

This is on iPhone 8 with iOS 11.4

Use the arrow to the left instead of the X