RateBeer Mobile Release 1.23.0

We’ve just released another update to the app. This one fixes a bunch of display issues in the app and also gives our power users the ability to set a preference to always expertly rate beers! :rocket:

v1.23.0 - Jan 31, 2018

  • You can now set a preference for expert ratings in settings!
  • Ongoing bug fixes and improvements

@Marko maybe it’s time I finally check out the app

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Oh fuck yeaaah! :smiley:

Another step in the right direction! The app reached a point where I’m using it if I have a connection. Now if only we also had offline ratings…


And a big thank you to the power users and the Australian dev team. This is a change pushed by power users that benefits the entire community. THANK YOU!


Yeah the only thing that is missing to have an “offline rating” is an option/check to auto-force a rating to stay “Private” even for ratings with 75 or more characters.
It doesn’t seems too hard to do at this point…

The app now seems superior than the website for geolocation and rating a beer. The only things missing now for me to use it over the web mobile version more frequently are sorting options for brewer’s listings and for beer search. And there’s still no way to see our own expert ratings and those of others because the attribute scores doesn’t show up when you expand the rating.

Just tested it out and seems cool! Will have to try for a few rates. It will take time getting used to have to slide the bar instead of just pushing where I want but that’s fine. Main thing that will kill it for me is if I visit RB on the browser and it keeps asking me to use the app… then the app will go.

Hmm it does the annoying “open in the app” thing but only if I pull down (scroll to top). Otherwise didn’t even notice. We’ll see.

Looking cool!

One thing I miss as an admin is seeing if it’s verified. Whenever I rate a beer I always check and verify etc as necessary.

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