RateBeer Version 1.5.5 has been released on 16 Jan

RateBeer Version 1.5.5 has been released on 16/1. It contains 3 small improvements as below:

    • In beer review modal, added city in location selection items;
    • In beer review modal, comment text box becomes expandable vertically;
    • In beer search result page, show "-" instead of "NaN" when the score is not available.

Noticed this today, very helpful.

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Text box did not expand just now when I added 2 ratings using Chrome.

Also, for a while I’ve been unable to go to forum on my Galaxy S9+ using Opera browser. The forum front page shows for a second, then it’s updated again, and I get error login timeout.


Yeah I noticed this too. It’s smaller than before and only fits the first 3 lines of text in now. Autoexpand seems to be broken (I assume this was what the change was for?) so I’m having to manually expand the box before I start rating each beer as it’s not big enough. PLEASE stop adding extra steps to the rating workflow.

On the other hand, showing city next to location names was much needed so thanks for that. But the rating text box needs fixing now.


Yep it doesn’t work in Firefox at all. Also, the indicator up top now says “private” no matter what even after I’m over 75 characters, there are arrows covering up the subscore indicators, the tick marks are misaligned (and there are still no major/minor step indicators), there’s a random zero at the bottom of the page, and every page element has a slightly different shade of blue (5 different variants, from what I can tell). Are people actually being paid for this?


I’m just here for @puzzl comments - never disappoints :fire::+1:

He can probably fix this site for half of what these “professionals” are getting paid

I might even consider getting premium again if things ever get back on track


Still not possible to login to forum with Opera browser. Anything happening?!

I’m logged in on Opera right now. Version 64.0.3417.83 on Linux.

Didn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ using latest Opera 4 days ago