RateBeer Web Release 1.4.5

Version 1.4.5 | September 19, 2018

  1. Redesign Quick Rating Slider Card
  2. Add empty state for Beer Profile tags
  3. Remove parent Beer Styles from Add a Beer dropdown
  4. Backend stuff
  5. Backend stuff

Thanks for number 1.


Could it be possible to be able to “expand the rating” on the right column in order to see full AATPO when the rating is a tick without text but with 5-point ratings (just like we can expand a Review)

And why is there a map for availability on some beers (mainly those with few availability) but not in all cases (seems the case for beers with lots of locations available). My take is you should remove the map completely…and include only the name of the closest place…we can’t see the map anyway because of the place popup, so just a waste of space and a huge Googlemaps ad placement.

Yay. Quicker to tag now.

I think either yourself or services acknowledged my request to have tags moved back to the right hand side for added visibility and to encourage more people to use them. Just wanted to know if there’s any further discussion going on about that? Are we likely to see it moved back or is keeping it in the new place decided and set in stone now?