Ratebeer3 Fantasy Football 2017 Distribution Thread

Congrats to Praire Dawgz (soonerchamps) for winning the league this year, and thanks to everyone for playing. Hopefully everyone had a good time.

Time to get started on box distribution.

-1st place (soonerchamps) gets to choose 5 people from those who finished 4th-12th to send boxes to him.

-2nd place (SP23) then chooses 3 of the remaining people to send to him

-Last remaining person sends to 3rd place (Chalumeaux).

-Boxes should be $25 in value. Obviously do not send that pale ale that has been rotting in your cellar for the past two years…unless your recipient likes that sort of thing (spoiler alert, your recipient does not like that sort of thing.)

  • Winners, remember to send your info to the people that you picked to send to you.

-Senders, you are to have your box sent and a tracking number forwarded to your recipient by MONDAY February 5. That is 4 weeks from today, and should be plenty of time.

-Anyone who does not send a box will have their info forwarded for a bad trader warning on their profile.

Next post will contain all player names. Stay tuned.

|4|Chokum Chachi|StefanSD|
|6|Infected Bombs!|charule|
|8|Imperial Stouts|misterbeer|
|9|Midway Monsters|Bacchus66|
|10|Its So Hazy|RiversideAK|
|11|Catitude Era|StFun’s wife (StFun)|

Soonerchamps, you’re up!!

Thanks StFun! A great league as always.

I choose:

Infected Bombs!|charule
Midway Monsters|Bacchus66
Its So Hazy|RiversideAK

I’ll send a message to everyone.


Thanks again St Fun for running this league. It is always competitive and a lot of fun.

Congrats to Matt( I have to admit to being a little bitter watching my championship go down in flames as Gurley gashed my Titans for so many yds)

I choose

Chokum Chachi
Imperial Stouts

I will get my address out by the end of the week

Always fun, good season. First time sending out lol. Shoot us your address when you get a chance.

Was fun and interesting. Looking forward to next year!

PM sent

|11|Catitude Era|StFun’s wife (StFun)|

Congrats to all the victors…maybe one day I’ll get a box and not ship a box!

Congrats guys and enjoy your beers :beers:

Has anyone gotten a msg from soonerchamps yet?

I messaged you on 1/8. I’ve received responses from others.

Is anyone else having issues getting beermail? There are a couple that haven’t responded to the messages I sent on 1/8.

I haven’t received any mail from Sp23 yet? Has anyone else?

I haven’t yet…but beers are ready to go when I get it!

Zero comms from sp23. Beers ready to go–I guess he likes unfresh dark lagers.

I couldnt see new msgs on my iphone. I only had one msg from discobot. I just happened to check on my computer one day and found my msgs through the old looking RB…

Amazing box received today! Thanks to all this year.

All three boxes landed safe and sound. All three guys went way over what was nesecary. Thanks to St Fun for another great season. Can’t wait for next season. I have said this before, but an in person live draft with a huge tasting would be awesome.