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Ratebeerians of the year 2018


Well RateBeer best took over one of em, right? Winter maybe? Sad to see those go by the wayside. Now that I’m back in the Midwest I could actually go to a RBSG for once!


Well if this is dead, then I’m nominating myself for the final Walt Powell Lifetime Achievement award. I’ve been here the longest, literally since day 1, and I’ve survived the exodus!


Last years RBWG was the last. No Summer Gathering this past summer and nothing planned for this Winter.

The social aspects of this site are essentially dead.


Sad panda :disappointed:


We still have a social meet up in England juance a year … the Cotteridge Convention in Bingoham where we try to burn our lips on hote goldes.

But nothing like the good old days.

Don’t think there was a European summer gathering last year or was there?


I think anyone and everyone who still rates and posts on the forums should be rewarded for their loyalty and resilience, take a bow .



No official one, but RB Vienna gathering in September was basically mini EU gathering. Hope there is something similar this year and I can participate…


who is Adam Jackson?? I did a user search and could not find such a person…???


So how do we come back?