Rating History Chart

This has always been off. Doesn’t have the 12 proper months. Instead, it skips March and has two Novembers.

is this what you mean? Works fine for me…

Hmm. Not for me. I have no March

wow, your page looks completely different from mine, although I am also using Chrome…

Those were old shots I had, that’s probably why they look different. 3 years ago I think. But the chart looks the same now.

So that big spike is not your most in a month, March 2011?
Is it just that the label is wrong?

We talked about this at your place, remember? There are two Novembers and no March. No way the problem is just me, others noticed this as well. Seems easy to fix…Maybe. Thanks Joe!

I’m just trying to find evidence for the problem. I’m not finding any evidence.

I don’t see this issue with my charts, look normal here.


I don’t have this issue with your charts either. I can see all of your Marches.

Man, this is nuts. I have checked a ton of times over the years. I have two Novembers and no March. In every year I’ve been rating (over ten years).

Have you tried with a different browser? Also, have you tried checking your Rating History while being logged out?

This might be the result of some very weird interplay with your particular setup.

Same on all browsers (I tried 3)