Rating sites for soft drinks for kids


My son wants to be just like his dad and rate drinks. He obviously is not allowed to rate alcoholic beverages, but he would love to find a site, where you can rate soft drinks. He already has quite a few personal ratings in notes, but we can’t find anywhere online to enter them.

I figured I might not be the only parent with a kid, who wants to do the same as their parent, so maybe some of you have come across a site, we can use. English (or Danish - fat chance) is preferable.


My 9 year old daughter likes to rate tea. I buy and like to drink all different types of Chinese tea and she uses the site Steepster.com.
She also did this just in a notepad with sweets, no website though.

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this is why we need our wiki of ratings of non-rateable things, such as alcohol-free Radler, hot sauce-enhanced Radlers and others.

After seeing a tweet from Ratetea.com the other day, my son just started there, but it seems pretty dead.

We were more looking for places to enter soda than tea, bit he’s okay drinking tea so far :blush:


Is it just me, or is there no rating feature on that site?

It ain’t just you.

I don’t know what the law is in Denmark but it would be perfectly legal for him to rate beers in the UK at 5 years old. Of course, you might not regard that as a very good idea.

I let my daughter taste a sample of my sessionable strength beers. Obviously in Denmark, if you let your kids have a sample of your Danish pint you would go thirsty yourself.


Mine we interested in what beer tasted like. I happened to be drinking a rather hoppy beer, Alpine Pure Hoppiness. Needless to say she didn’t like it.

It’s not against the law here either, but I do beleive my wife would divorce me if I let him start rating beers :grin:

He would obviously love to rate beers, but at age 11 that’s too early, so he will have to wait. So the next best thing would be to rate something else without alcohol. We found the tea site, but would prefer a soda site instead if we could only find one.

Www.ratesoda.com is the new gateway drug

Pop and a few non alky beers on RB? Is there an age requirement here?

It will teach organization as well as statistics and writing.

During elementary school, I actually rated 200-300 sodas with a lot of them being various off brand grocery store varieties. I would give them a score out of 10 by style (cola, root beer, pepper, lemon-lime, etc) and another score of ten for overall. I tended to favour Mountain Dew clones, particularly Super Saver Whoopty Doo available only in Nebraska. Alas, I can’t help you with a good website. Good luck!

I’m not sure if they still exist or allow ratings, but before beer I was a member of BevNet.

Maybe this is a new business opportunity. The timeline should be reflected as so:

Set up a site in which you can rate pop (soda).

Homer lots of local run of the mill small production craft pop and trade it for 50 times it’s worth.

Have an annual award.

Charge $12.99 a year (this may not seem a great deal, but you will reap the rewards later).

Get a number of nerdy craft pop drinkers to do your admin and patchwork IT.

After a few years, sell a large stake in the website to Pepsi Inc.

Get rid of the free passionate about pop nerdy IT guys of the past and replace them with salaried nerdy IT guys who drink water.

Sit back in the comfort of your new found wealth and watch your website go to shit.