Rating with the RB official App, new features discovered, and possible improvement requests

Maybe you already know it but here’s what I just discovered when rating using the App.

  1. Jumping lines with Enter actually work without the work of Linebreak, even multiple between text, but not at the end of the text.

  2. Emojis are Enabled

  3. Personal Distribution has been moved from under the date to the end of the rating’s text with integrated link to the Place. (The link is nice, but I preferred it under the date to keep the rating more compact.)

Possible Improvements:

  1. Add a toggle button between Private/Public Rating, this could serve as an alternative to the old Offline Rating (since Offline Rating seems out of the portrait for the moment but it is a feature asked by many people)

  2. Put the Distribution location either under the date or before AATPO (or at least, add a linebreak between it and the ATTPO)

  3. Bring back Tap/Bottled Distribution option right next to the Location Distribution

  4. For Tickers, allow them to add Location Distribution just like a Public Rating without the need to add 1 character…like a space.

  5. Again, implement this to the web-based desktop/mobile version to keep everything on par…

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Could someone try if text formatting works (bold, italics, underline) using an iOS keyboard? (because HTML codes don’t work, nor Bold and italics

Right now Tickers can enter Distribution only if they add text to the rating… for example, I just added a “space” to the rating in order to be able to save it with Distribution displayed on the rating (otherwise, the Save Private Rating button isn’t available). Should be able to do it without having to enter any character at all.


You also should allow no-text Ticks to expand the rating on the right column in order to be able to see the full AATPO (I can only see it right now by scrolling the ratings to find mine or by using my user Beer Permalink…

@services @joet

The “enter” linebreak is functional too with ratings from the website…is is recent?

However, personal Distribution/ Availability infos (tap/bottled + Place) doesn’t show up at the end off the review when rating using desktop/mobile…only when using the App…why?