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RB App v1.26.3 Bug and Feedback

In the new App version v.1.26.3 with the new design: here’s a few bug and feedback:

In Profile (French version), BEER SPOTTED is traduced as BIÈRES TACHETÉES…which means MOTTLED not SPOTTED (hello Google translate). It should be BIÈRES REPÉRÉES, BIÈRES MARQUÉES or something like that.

Favorites are still listed as squared-entries with no sorting options, so still useless (apart for pre-festival ticking or something like that)

There’s still no sorting options for brewer’s listing and the listing is not from A-Z by default so still useless.

In the search (french version), to erase a word, it is written DISSIPER…it would be way better to write EFFACER

Brewer listing loads way faster and loads all entries but it should not display our full ratings by default because it makes the list way too long to scroll.

I receive multiple notifications to activate my location even if I already accepted it in first place.

Still no offline notes

Still no Maps.

In beer search, don’t display our full ratings by default (only the given note should be visible) because it takes way too much space and scrolling…

In Home, I would rather have the Places Nearby listed before beers nearby by default.

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Thanks Viper. This is a good summary. Thanks also for the translation suggestions.

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I’ll reiterate what I’ve said on FB:

Add beer AKA add bad entry:
-the function still forces users to make erroneously named entries by not allowing them to change brewery names - which are often either shortened wrong or not shortened where they should be. Very bad for database consistency and quality, which deteriorates and we are forced to do extra work.

"Autosave" - not really:
-a failsafe of sorts was seemingly put into place to prevent loss of text & ratings if “back” was clicked in the app or on the phone. That’s certainly a move forward, but the main issue which scares raters away from the app - text loss if the app is somehow closed - by crash, accidentally, intentionally - is still very much unresolved.

-Nearly 95% of the world’s population uses the metric system. The Ratebeer app defaults to miles and gives no other option. A good idea would be to give the choice to the users (through settings).

"The search is hidden, the Home’s a mess-"
The search should always be on the first page you see, as that’s nearly always what we want to use immediately when we load up the app. Putting it elsewhere was, in my opinion, a very bad design choice.

The “Best beers nearby” list is completely unusable and irrelevant as well without immediate context on where that nearby is. Example: To me, living in one of the world’s beer capitals, it says that Rochefort 10, Stone RIS and Rodenbach Alexander are available… somewhere. Is it Prague? Is it 100km from Prague? Where? When? And who actually, as a beer tourist, wants to go for a Rochefort 10 in Prague. The first thing that we see when we load the app therefore has highly questionable relevance and usability.

Places layout
Places Nearby is useful despite its non-avoidable shortcomings (can’t blame it for not taking into account geography and traffic connections). It’s something that should be on the Home page perhaps, but below Search, not what’s there now.

In any case, to see where that “nearby” is, you have to click, scroll down, find the address, click, and you get google maps - which aren’t always good for our places locations - we have thousands of places where we’ve had to fix things. This was a pretty good and a pretty bad idea at once, depending on the area. Then there’s the context of other places’ locations which is missing but I guess that’ll be worked on.

The address & working hours of a place should be shown immediately, users should not be required to scroll under beer lists to find them.


This is really a useless feature. Same thing for me, I get beers as much as 300km away. Some beers that I had.

MY LOCAL content would be way more useful there.

And yeah Place search really don’t take count of rivers or other geographic obstacles.