RB App v1.36.3 - Huge design overhaul today... your thought

This is quite a change! Your thought?

What the hell is that??

No change for me. Even deleted the app and reinstalled and no noticeable change? Shows I have the most current version? What are we…or at least I missing out on? Curious if it was some of the beta stuff I test 2 months ago…speaking of which I never got asked to share my opinion and test again after that occasion and it was suppose to be a weekly thing. So much for that and wanting user input I guess.

It looks the same for me as well.

1.25.12 - Appel: new beers can’t be entered. Fails when u can’t search for the brewery!

Hopefully most of you have got the update now!

We’ve introduced a bottom navigation that will help us scale the app better. Different streams of content are being exposed and will have a place to live.

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything mate :beers:

Your feedback along with others was super helpful at the time and I can’t wait to pick it up again when the time is right Tanner! There is a lot we’re working on and I am sorry that we haven’t been in contact since; we haven’t had created any prototypes to that fidelity since. We’ve mostly been iterating and keeping the discussion within the forums.

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How come when I click on Uberbrew

It only does this and never pulls up the brewery?

This is a bug we’re currently looking at. The brewer loads the first time you view it, then fails to load again any time you try to view it again.

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The link to this needs to be here as well:

In the brewer infos, there should be an editable entry for the shortened brewer name, the one that would appear by default in the Beer entry.

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That’s not an option. The page should not force the user to put up any kind of name.

It would require major work all over the site, and would clash with hundreds of instances where different brands/brewery names are used in the same plant. Sometimes we don’t want the brewery name for some entries and do for some. Sometimes we don’t want it at all.

Could the app please stop with constantly asking for my location? Really annoying, this makes me want to stop using it.

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Seems like the exact same thing that’s happening in Eric’s old app when trying to open certain beers, which to mee seems like beers added after a certain date which doesn’t have anything written in the information. Just adding a comma or any letter at all fixes this

I agree with you, many times, sometimes there’s different brands name for the same brewer and it forces us to erase the name completely and write the good one…but if we leave it empty, we will have many user that just won’t put the brewer’s name in the beer name (like Untappd) even if there’s a mention to add it to the name…so we will have more admin work that if we admins could simply edit the shortened brewer name associated with the beer name.

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I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with the experience here, so you’ll have to help me out a little more so I can wrap my head around it.

Let’s use Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer as an example.

  1. User enters Modus Operandi Brewing Co. as the Brewer
    Beer name gets pre-populated with the short-name Modus Operandi. They are not permitted to change the short-name.

  2. User then enters Sonic Prayer in the beer name.
    This is how the beer would be listed on RB; Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer.

Brewery used to autopopulate when adding from the brewery page

The “+Brewing” shouldn’t be in the beer name field since no beer names include this

Let’s enter ** Labatt Brewing Company (AB InBev)**

You want to enter their new beerr: John Labatt Bland

right now you get this:

First, you want to populate the brewer field, not the beer name field

The you need to edit the copied brewer name in the beer name since it’s John Labatt that I want, not Labatt alone

There’s still some fine-tuning we need to do for the web version.
I’m talking about the app :grinning:


The app is crapp

I got this in my search on the app. Shrugs.