RB European Summer Gathering 2023 - Zagreb, Croatia - July 13-16

I am generally interested in sharing, I haven’t planned my trip yet, but I want to in the next 2 weeks or so.


If there is hardcore region tickers I can try to bring very hard availibility Finnish regions to Grand Tasting (which I probably will miss myself). Message me if interested in. Also have some rare country ticks in my cellar… mostly many years old lagers but country tick is a country tick.


Ooooh, we’d be all over that! :smiley: Missing any Czech regions?

Moravia and Zlin I think…

Very doable, just please remind me some time before it. :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in regions. I probably can’t help with US regions, but I can bring interesting stuff from NY, VT, NH & MA

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Flights are booked. A week in Zagreb plus two weeks in Slovenia.


Update: Found out that there’s a very frequent and stable train line from Zagreb (central station) to Zabok on weekends, where Nova Runda’s located. Roughly 35 minutes.

There is a solid place tick in the town that might even net people some rare regional ticks - Krčma Polanović, open from 7AM, so very much doable before we move on to the brewery, though that would increase early Saturday walking levels some. :smiley: All in all, it will make for a solid early visit for coffee and a few ticks, and then we can pick up breakfast in the town along the way and move on towards the brewery whenever we arrive in the morning, which should be open for the public 10-ish. We will have exact hours closer to the event, and those who sleep in shouldn’t have that hard of a time to reach us there.

The people at Nova Runda have told us, without me even asking, that it will be okay for us to even share beers on the premises - and I definitely do plan to share some because of those who aren’t able to stay on Sunday for the Grand Tasting.

That’s basically early Saturday settled. Late Saturday will be organized as well for those who survive.

PS. Please note one thing - NR has some “Druga Runda” beers on tap on those events, those are homebrew-scale test beers that they sadly don’t want to be rated online, and we have listened to that so far (yes, even Ogi and me, the rabid tickers that we are), and we will stick to that. We will warn you in advance about what’s rateable or not, and if someone misses the warning, delete any such entries. They will, however, appreciate feedback if you want to give it. There will be more than enough legitimate ticks for you anyway, don’t worry. Their nitro cold brew coffee isn’t rateable either, not even on the yellow site. Maybe. Damn tasty though.



Hur missade jag denna - hinner inte med i år, men låter fantastiskt @Marko :heartbeat:

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@Marko thanks for setting this up and for all the work you’re putting into this. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome, but I unfortunately won’t be able to join you all. Hopefully see you all some other time.

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Aah, shame, hope so too!

Booked Flights. I will arrive early on Thursday but will leave early on Sunday so will miss Sunday sessions.


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Aw, shame about Sunday, but we’ll definitely do some sharing on earlier days too!

Event created! :smiley:

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There is very high possibility that Estonian MAF (Marduk, Anna, FatPhil) will do their summer trip all the way down to Hrvatska. It will take us about week to 10 days 'cause we gonna do some Poland wojevotskie place ticks plus Slovakkia and Hungary on our way.
Marko can you tell me what’s the Croatian price range for food and beer (average). Since I drive by car what are the parking rules and hints for public transportation (quick lines or night lines). What are the traditional foods which are must to try (and if possible where can we find them). Any areas to avoid?

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I could probably cover some of these questions. Zagreb and Croatia in general are very safe, I would say anytime day or night. Of course there are good and less good parts of town, but as a tourist you’re unlikely to find yourself in latter ones.

As for the public transportation Zagreb has a good tram system, Google will tell you where to go, but here is also the map. Tickets can be bought at kiosks and from the drivers (having exact amount would be advisable in that case). There are also buses, entered usually through first door and showing the ticket to the driver. But Uber and Bolt are pretty cheap - from 3-4 euros and 10 euros should get you to all the remote breweries. If you’re flying in be aware of the notorious airport taxi, they’ll rip you off. Go for bus or try to arrange an Uber (I believe they can pick you up at the departures kiss&fly ramp or outside of parking).

As for the parking this is the web to check, but keep in mind parking is paid almost everywhere close to the city center. It’s usually paid by the SMS message, you send your plates number to the number which depends on the zone. If you don’t figure out the long term parking let me know maybe something could be arranged.

Edit: trams run during night as well, but every hour or so. Daily tram lines stop running around 23:30. But I’d stick to Uber during night.

I guess food deserves a post of its own. Expect to pay 10-15 euros for the main dish in regular bistros/restaurants. I always feel kind uneasy when recommending food places because we have different tastes, but I’ll try to do my best.

Zagreb City center - small bistros and ethnic restaurants

SOI fusion bar - Asian fusion dishes, well made, my go to place
Namaste Bistro - good Indian place in the city center
Kai Street Food - street food with a twist in a tiny bistro
Weare50 - Great burgers, good ramen
Market - bistro serving Croatian dishes with a twist
Pingvin - our go to late night food, an institution, sandwiches
Torikaya - ramen and noodles

Zagreb City center - traditional restaurants

Gostionica Ficlek - fairly new restaurant which focuses on the traditional Croatian dishes or to be more precise Zagreb dishes
La Štruk - place which serves štrukle which is a traditional dish form Zagreb region
Vinodol - haven’t been here in ages, but I heard good things. Modern meets traditional Croatian cuisine. Tad more expensive.
Kod Pere - kind of a hidden gem serving traditional dishes - go here for Roasted duck/Pa/ticada/Stuffed peppers/soups. I’d skip the barbecue. Fair prices too.

Zagreb city Center - upscale

Carpaccio - great Italian food
Nav - fine dining, should be reserved

Outside of Zagreb City center - near Goblet/Teachers/Merak

Tvornica Pljeskavica Kosta - Croatian/balkan BBQ
Tvornica pljeskavica TPK - Croatian/balkan BBQ

Outside of Zagreb City center - near Ambasada

Saralee’s thai street food bistro - solid Thai joint, works till 7 pm, just around the corner from Ambasada, you can BYOB
Franko’s Pizza & Bar - probably the best pizza place in town, pizzas can be brought to Ambasada

If you’re staying in the city center and want to have breakfast check out the Burek Dolac (choose between meat or cheese burek) or Broom44 at Dolac market for something more fancy. For great pastry check Salo just behind the market.

Also have to point out that Mlinarica (which is on our itinerary) has very good traditional food.


Thank you very much.

Any interest in Albania, Macedonia or Montenegro? Friend is travelling there and can bring some country ticks if needed.