RB Fantasy Baseball League

I am considering renewing the RB fantasy baseball league and this post is a feeler to see who and how many are interested in joining.

-Spring training starts 23 Feb
-Regular season kicks off 29 March
-League draft date likely on the weekend before opening day, this subject to feedback and group-think.

Stakes are a $25.00+ box of local craft beer. Only one person reneged on shipping beer last year and he is now persona non grata and will not be participating.

Time to dethrone soonerchamps as he has been winning way too much, taking both the RB Baseball and Football league titles last year.

Please roger-up if interested.



I’m obviously back in. Had a blast last year.

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I have to bow out this year, unfortunately. Last year was fun, but free time is in short supply for the foreseeable future.

I don’t mind sending out another free box of beer. I’m in, and go Mariners!

With only three people interested I’m probably going to cancel this league. But if more roger-up, I can re-instate on short notice.

Cheers all.