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Rb is a dinosaur


What I tried to post (!) was have any of the pics you emailed been added?


Exactly my PoV. I use UT just to see what’s on tap today in my area (when I cannot find info on FB or on official pub’s websites). RB is good for stats and to read what other people think about a beer. There are several Ratebeerians I trust and when I see their review of a certain beer, I always have a look at it


Pretty much all of them. Done a similar number of description updates. Not all of these have been updated.


If the map problem is sorted I will become a ‘premium’ again, not until. I try and use it for my trips, waste of time currently and has been for ages. That’s my main gripe.

I miss checking all the Stats, but I want a full service for my dosh.



I miss the maps too, but I’ve seen the same issue on a wide range of websites so guess it’s a bigger issue and not just a RB thing.


So why haven’t we been told what the issue is? I’ve tried to let my stance with not remaining a ‘Premium’ be known to JoeT, but nothing comes back. I know my $12:99 isn’t a great lose to the site, but it’s my way of complaining.



Exactly, I would appreciate information about why things don’t work. What is the reason?


I’ve been a premium member since 2008. When my last renewal was up I didn’t renew for the first time since joining the site. I didn’t think it was worth it since so many long time members concerns seemed to be ignored. I’m curious to know how many premium members there are now compared to a couple of years ago.


I mean, no one is forcing you to use RateBeer. If you dislike it enough, then you’re free to go.

This isn’t an airport, though; there’s no need to announce your departure.


Wow, this is so lame. Reminds me of a ceo of a company i have worked for that use the line ‘if you don’t like it, feel free to go!’ after announcing changes. What a motivator was that man…

Why do you think people are here in the place? It is because they find something here. But I totally agree that I can’t think of any improvements in recent years. Changes yes. Improvements not really. Although the site does have much more uptime.


Thanks for the reminder. But you’ll have to put up with me a bit longer.


Same here. Didn’t renew for the first time since years and not planing currently. I can’t understand why problems that were named several times are ignored. How long e.g. can’t be searched for Barcodes e.g.?


Bought premium every year, almost since I started here and it used to be my yearly birthday gift for @Benzai too.

Just found out my premium has expired and for the first time in years I’m not renewing. Also taking a break from rating on here.
I’m no big name and outside the Dutch community hardly anyone will know me, so I know I’m not making a serious impact, but it’s all I can do for now.

I’ll be waiting for the launch of a good app (basically like the EricKok one on Android years ago) or significant improvements to this website, but to be honest I’m not holding my breath.

It’s crazy painful how a fan made app in 2013 was better than anything that exists now, after the financial injection of AB Inbev.


Preaching to the Quire Brother


Yup, don’t know why offline rating for later upload is such a big ask…


Disagree with you on this. I see many drunken random ticks entered on UT. Those are garbage and worthless. Doing nothing but damage to an otherwise neat average score. Not saying every rating is a 5 star epic story, certainly I have my fair share of crappy ones, but at least I put some thought and effort into it. We are RATEbeer for a reason, we judge beers by realising what we are drinking and we judge atrributes, different aspects of the beer to come to a final score with all relevant aspects weighed in. We are not TICKbeer. We don’t -in general- say I don’t like the first sip so instant 0.5 stars or whatever. There is a big difference. Ratings, or reviews or whatever is the official term for it, of a certain length, preferably going over all the attributes, matter.

Maybe I’m a dinosour as well. Cause I read ratings. I like to read what people have tasted. I don’t automatically go for the one with the highest average score. I have my preferences and ratings, descriptions, reviews give me what I need. Any brewery can say “chocolate stout” but if all reviews say it tastes earthy and nothing like chocolate I don’t care about its average being the highest. I want chocolate in my stout not a high average while I dislike the beer.

So I want to keep ratings counting towards average score, not ticks. But, it would be very very very interesting to see the average score of the ratings AND the ticks (which should be public, yes I agree). But then again, has anything we wanted, suggested or requisted been implemented?

Sadly I think we must conclude, no.


Well I’m quick rating with the 5 attributes like before but without text and probably others do so…but it doesn’t count at all…

I also seen very long reviews that were just garbage and thrashing as well but those count…

All in all, it’s the new brewers who suffer the most because they score stay low for a long time …

And as far as I’m concerned, the best beers trends on UT are the same on RB…the higher volume of tickers will always mitigate the smaller number of irrelevant ticks…it’s way worse for the brewer when there’s 1 irrelevant bad review out of 3 reviews total…


No, we (OK at least some of us) just split 0,5 dl among 4 people, give 5 scores and write a review based on that sample. Not calling anyone out or saying it’s bad*, but I try to avoid judging others before looking into my yard.

*what is bad is taking a sip and leaving a perfectly good beer or even spilling it in order to get more ticks/rates. Also done regularly by some fellow Ratebeerians.


To a degree I’m with you on that, but the point I made was “making a thoughtful review/rating”. If one can do that with only 2, 3 or 4 sips, so be it. It’s about thinking about the beer and its different aspects, not drinking a minimum quantity.


[quote=“Benzai, post:40, topic:9985, full:true”]“making a thoughtful review/rating”.

Dinosaur argument. UT has a lot of casual tickers, but just as much as RB has unthoughtful reviewers. The valuable ticks/reviews/ratings on both platforms are all ‘countable on fingers’