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Rb is a dinosaur


There are no attribute scores on UT. I think there are a lot more ticks on there where people have not thought about those aspects than just a handful as you suggest.


Yeah i dont think the Userbase differes that much. Just RB is a lot smaller.


There probably are, but only because theres a lot more users.


I do agree however, that RB will not win the battle on usernumbers with UT. So, RB has to stand out by its quality ratings. Maybe we should be able to highlight quality reviews.


Why would anyone think about those attribute scores if they have never done that before and the app / website they use doesn’t require it? Ratebeer has tought me, forced me if you will, to think about those aspects and learn to properly taste a beer.


You’re probably right but I’m tired of thinking of ways to improve the site as nothing we think of seems to matter at all. I’ll just sit it out and see what happens. I’ll always have excel.


Well, dinosaurs became popular again after 65 million years, so there’s hope.


I’m just happy rating beers seems to be working well at the moment on ratebeer.com, which is the main thing I use it for. No sarcasm intended


I’m the CEO now? I’ll gladly take that pay raise. :euro:


Ah ok. You’ve read one of the words I wrote.


No need to fight guys. Just agree to disagree.


Why does RateBeer have to be the most popular, or even the second most popular, beer site and app on the Internet? Couldn’t it just be a niche thing for people like message forums and relatively lengthy written beer reviews?

Not everything has to be a follow the leader type thing where you are either the market leader or copying the market leader. Sometimes there is an audience for a type of thing that will be unlikely to ever be 50% or greater as a percentage of the overall market for similar things, but which can get you 20, 30, or 40% of it by catering to a different type of audience. Doing something different can be cool, and in the end may attract more users that a “follow the leader” type of approach.

When something just starts doing whatever the market leader does in any field, only on a delay, people eventually notice that and often just jump ship to the market leader. When you refuse to change because you believe in what you’re doing, or see a niche that wants things the way you have them, however, you wind up with a more loyal user base that isn’t going anywhere because you are the only place that has what they want- and can even expand a bit when new people who’d prefer it become aware of it.


I agree with the above.
Ironically, I think that there would have been more focus on quality reviews when independent, and I would expect more chasing the casual users with the new ownership.


Ticks are the rage in BA too so no biggie in my book.