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RB quarantine challenge: Everybody add 20 random beers from obscure breweries

Bored on a Saturday, so I started adding beers from Mexican breweries, and some local stuff that wasn’t in database. About halfway to 30 now…

So if you’re having a boring weekend, let’s rally crew!


In addition, Ratebeerians (other than @solidfunk) could propose style changes so that @explosivedog and I could make the changes.

I will endeavor to add 20 beers this weekend!


I have been on a gose crusade recently. So if people want to look through goses to find fruited / flavored goses and grodziskies / lichtenhainers, that would be much appreciated.


Ya I’m really at the end of my list at least, until I think of some other obvious source of bunches that need switching. It usually happens when I look at my styles and realize one of them is much lower than it out to be in counts. :rofl:

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You can always look through someone else’s ratings…

That’s true Solid feel free to go through mine and get me to 15 of every style possible.

That was mostly my own motivation to be honest, :rofl:

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Great, pretty sure there’s loads of stouts and IPAs I’ve rated that are in the wrong substyle. I’ll go through these this week and post any here.

I think all gose I’ve rated are in the correct style already but I’ll double check.

Ya other ones that I found easy to switch just by looking at the names in many cases were stout to flavored stout, porter to flavored porter, saison to flavored saison, berliner to flavored etc.

After I went through all the low-hanging fruit I started to open them and look at descriptions if they had them.

Or also cross compare tags with your list. AKA you look at your list of actual smoked porters, and compare it with your list of beers with the tag “smoked porter.” The ones that differ should often be switched to the right style.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m still missing a bunch but that got a bunch moved over at least.

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Any active UK rater does this on a weekly basis;)

Have done my bit by adding two new breweries, with one more to follow.

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So I basically added like 50 beers from Guadalajara area in Mexico, a few breweries, like 100 Argentine beers and like half a dozen breweries, and about 50 uruguayan beers and a few breweries. Too bad there are only like three or four of us who ever get down to those areas - rife beer scene.

I’ll try to do chile but I’m burning out on my streak here.


Apart from entering daily all new stuff (places, beers and brewers) from Quebec, Canada and all new brewers from Canada …just added 2 sorghum beer brewers from Lusaka, Zambia…

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That reminds me of another thing I’d meant to do. Going to add a bunch of tej bars in Ethiopia as cideries/breweries.

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Should they not be added as Meaderies?

That’s what I meant. Looks like I already did a couple years back anyway, so nevermind.

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I only looked it up because I was intrigued to know what they were. :grinning:

Adding American ciders/meads as I open them. Tough to add one-offs from other countries.

Good to see your still around! OG cider connoisseur.

Now that I’m finally caught up on my backlog… I may have some time to do this. There’s a ton of DC Metro beer that isn’t in the database (I suppose it’s true about every metro area everywhere), but I tired of adding in the beers after drinking them instead of them already in the system.

I’m going to step up my tagging game too. I just wish the “add all” option after searching on the tag page actually worked correctly.

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I’ve been going through brewries from Hampshire. Dancing Man have 10 beers on here. 97 on Untappd. I tiptoed away.

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