RB shows bottom of page instead of last answer

Started yesterday and it’s not constant, but every couple of posts I am trying to read, the page will load at the bottom instead of the last reply. Also I noticed when that happens the answer count is wrong.
That’s on mobile by the way, haven’t encountered it on desktop, yet.


Happened again just now, on this thread.

This is what I mean with wrong reply counter. The reply on the screenshot is the last one but counter shows is the 32nd of 37. So there are five
replies missing.

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I’m having this issue too, also on mobile (Safari).

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I just checked on desktop and it occurs there too, at least for the thread above.

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Just had the same issues on desktop aswell with five different topics. Jumps straight to the bottom part suggesting realted topics and not to the last answer.


I was gonna post aboot the same thing. Rather irritating that is.

Yup, this is annoying. Please fix it!

Happening on desktop and mobile in Chrome for me.

As above on both Mobile and Desk Top and yes it is annoying.