RB Top Rater Interviews

I like how BA has incorporated interviews with brewers and industry folks. I don’ think that would work here as most brewers have an aversion to RB now. I suggest we do interviews or Q+As with the top ten raters. I think they would have some interesting experiences and vantages to share. What do you think?


I don’t think those dudes use the forums.

10 of them sharing one mic. It would be chaos.


Could be good or could be meh.

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I’d be happy to do that, but I’ve gotten the continual message that RB does not care much about what top raters think.


Who would put together questions?

I think it’s just on forums for example start a thread with Ompher who just reached 30k and anyone can post a question in that thread. Like did 30k taste better or worse than #29,999?

Oh well, you don’t even have to ask to find that out :slight_smile:
My ratings for those two beers kind of gives the answer away.

For those of you to lazy to look it up (I’d be…) , #30000 Nynäshamn Bötet Barley Wine Brandy narrowly edged out #29999 Nils Oscar President’s Bitter (4.0 - 3.8).

For a 30000 reviewer, the first question should ALWAYS be : How’s your liver doin’ these days?

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They kinda started caring slightly more once they realized that they fucked up majorly. Not that we didn’t warn them immediately, thousands of times, but hey, that internal circlejerk must’ve been fantastic.

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