Rbbwg 2017

Added some beers myself. Will add more .

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Assuming no one will mind Dierendonck meat variety plus bread. That’d be my food contribution.

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Seba, any chance you still have Niger/East African ticks at home? Seems like you already took them to last RBBWG, so can imagine you weren’t planning on taking them, but I wasn’t there and if there’s a chance you could take them… :wink: :slight_smile: Or for trade :wink:

Next time. I had a bottle of a new Niger beer but it broke in the suitcase.

Beery luggage. Hate when that happens.

Added a few more beers.

See you in the evening guys (m/v). Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Fun times, it was good seeing everyone.

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Had fun. Loved seeing all of you!!

Dikke merci allen voor de bieren en companionship en ook een dikke merci aan Ben natuurlijk!

Great day again, with nice foods, a LOT of awesome beers, etc. Our gatherings are always some of the best tastings I go to! :slight_smile:

Thanks to Ben for hosting and to all attending for sharing beers, food and laughs. :wink:

Too bad we couldn’t find a date that worked for everyone. Hopefully next time we can have our locals @alengrin, @Bierridder_S, @kraddel, @JefVerstraete, @Aminatchime, @Hamirubi, Erwin, @clovenhoof etc. attending again. And our international friends as well of course, like @bartlebier, @yespr, @Zlotta, etc… (can’t tag more than 10 apparently)

Should we make the Doodle longer ahead? Should we pro-actively tag Belgian users when we post the Doodle, so they can see it? Any suggestions are welcome.

Not that there was a lack of good beers, though! Still got 57 new beers. :wink:


The time frame was fine I think but pro actively tagging users might work so let’s keep that in mind!

I should read these forums more often, didn’t know this was even happening until I read it on Facebook… Had I known, I probably would have attended. If there’s going to be a Belgian RB summer gathering, tag me and I’ll make sure not to miss it :wink:

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Thanks to everyone! Special thanks to Ben.

We should probably proactively contact people we know since not everyone checks these forums that well.

yeah Wim, this is the great advantage of the new ratebeer shitty forum features … the site forum has gotten worse with all recent changes.

Agreed, the fact that these forums seem to be on a somewhat different website from the rest indeed hasn’t helped :wink:

You’re doing perfect like this.
Somehow I always tend to have busy schedule in the weeks around ratebeergaterings. Sometime it will work…

Well, at least we can tag people in the new forum, and that seems to work. I read my mails more often than the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I definitely want to make it again in the future but it just didn’t work out for me the last times. I keep on reading along though, I’m always jealous when I see all the ratings come up :wink:

This tag-people-function works for me! A great tool.
For sure, I’m always in for a summer gathering - I’m trying to fetch some beers and country ticks these days and weeks, to bring to a RBmeeting.

(and I hope to get empty my - ever growing - backlog soon)