RBESG - Plzeň / Prague - 19.7.-21.7. CONFIRMED!

Hey y’all!

Fil ( @Motelpogo ) and me had a conversation yesterday about how it would be great to organize a RBESG this year in Czech Republic. Easy to get to, cheap AND full of great beer - not just lagers. As some know, he’s been running one of Czechia’s top micros - Pivovar Raven in Plzeň, where we’d have the grand tasting.


18.7. (Thursday) - tasting at, maybe, BeerGeek Bar for early birds.

19.7. (Friday) - Tour de Prague, likely by Marko - breweries, pubs, the whole shebang. We will post more details about this likely in July, once everything is arranged.

20.7. (Saturday) - Nepomuk Beer Festival (http://pivo.nepomuk.cz/) - cool historical little town 30 minutes by train from Plzeň, a ton of Czech beers to try etc. We’ll also get a tour of the new brewery, Zlata Krava, in Nepomuk. It’s around the corner from the festival. The last train to Pilsen gets in at 10pm, so there will still be time to visit a couple of places downtown. All the local breweries will be at the festival but it won’t be hard to find a few other beers to try, or some fresh Pilsner for weary palates.

21.7. (Sunday) - Grand tasting at Pivovar Raven. Usually 7 beers on tap, so you can try them in between tasting all the other bottles. Likely starting at 12:00. Lunch and dinner at the brewery likely. End at 21:00 (9pm).

22.7. (Monday) - maybe a tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery. A private tour should be doable as long as Fil can tell them the time and numbers well in advance.

Prague-Plzeň is a pleasant 1h train ride, costing a little over 8 Euros for a return ticket, Plzeň-Nepomuk is 4 Euros roughly too for a return ticket. Food would be organized for Fri-Sun I guess (and we’d ask in advance for info if anyone’s allergic to something).

There’s a possibility to do it Plzeň-only, should the majority wish that I guess, plenty of breweries to visit in and around it. :slight_smile:

We are hoping to repeat 2008. - one of my favorite beer events ever. :slight_smile:


Sounds fantastic! Prague is on my travel list anyways for this year.

Cant make fix decisions atm but should be able in about 3-4 weeks.

it’s been too long since I’ve been to Prague, and I’ve wanted to visit Fil for a while - it sounds great!

Ahh damn, just booked my holiday during those days… Great to see a new initiative though.

Sounds totally great. Except for the dates… Can’t make it at that time.

@omhper & @Borresteijn - should enough people be interested to do some other weekend, we can always change the date, with something else in place of the festival. :slight_smile: Would love to see you guys again!

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Edit: I’m out :frowning:

No dates planned, but also not requested summer vacation.

If I can I will come!
2008 was awesome!


Just to be clear: is 18.7 (Thursday) gathering in Plzen or in Prague?

Been in .cz so many times (including Prague, Plzen and tons of other cities) and it’s always been fun. Tbho Prague is in my this year plan again, but I haven’t been able to sort out dates yet.
That I know that those dates are not suitable for me :frowning:

Would love to, but the dates are just wrong for me - that week ill be sunbathing on a beach in Croatia with my grandkids.

Wife and I will be in Prague tuesday the week after until friday if anyone still around tho.

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I am definitly interested. Dates should be doable, although I dont have a ton of vacation days left (so it might be just friday afternoon/evening to Sunday).

I never been to Plzen so that would be a priority / more interesting for me. Although I also dont mind visiting Prague again (been various times).
Beer festival is not a very high priority for me, the event might be a bit more relaxed without it I guess :stuck_out_tongue: But I am also Ok if we do that.

Overall … thanks for the initiative … I will definitly try to make it :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

I am interested, the initial dates are fine with me, but if another set is better for everyone else I would still be interested.


Definitely interested! But I would probably also do Friday-Sunday night/Monday morning

Beergeek’s in Prague.

Not sure if I’ll be able to make it as I’m doing quite a lot of traveling this spring, but I’m a definite Maybe. Haven’t been to Prague in over ten years and thoroughly enjoyed Brno, so I’d definitely be up for it in terms of location and people!

Interesting! I could add Windischeschenbach on the way back (monday) and Franconia before And after the RBESG.

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I so want to do this! And now I know in time I can probably make it work. @bierkoning maybe we can arrange something? Please keep me informed about this one, it’s been like 5 years since I went to a RBESG!!


Sounds great / need to check out… :beer:

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Why not? I’ll keep you informed.

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Not been to a RBESG since RBESG 2015 (Copenhagen/Malmö) which was a great gathering. The dates for this could work for me, will follow developments with interest :slight_smile:

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