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RBESG - Plzeň / Prague - 19.7.-21.7. CONFIRMED!

When I booked it said it was the last (affordable? filter set to €45) accommodation in Pilsen’s immediate city centre.

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Well, the current “Western” view that they should all be forced together is, from what I’ve encountered, based on worldviews set in place by politically charged literature/research from an earlier era, which (chose to) fail to understand the actual facts on the ground and historical facts. Same as dumping Croatia and Slovenia into the Balkans, because, like, it’s convenient and kinda partly geographically (slightly more) and culturally (way less) true, but it used to be true since Yugoslavia was mostly a Balkans country. It was so easier to understand things when the situation was outwardly uniform and some appear to struggle so much with that to try to change the world to suit their understandings/beliefs. Culturocide for the sake of convenience will never be cool. :smiley:

There’s the German way, then there’s the Czech/Slovak or, better yet, the Scandinavian way which is somehow ignored in the discussions. Insistence that nations should choose for whatever reason to follow one approach and not the other because it’s more convenient for some third parties isn’t cool either.

Sorry, I know too much about that specific subject not to ramble on. Thanks for the info! Guess they’ll have to find something slightly out of the center. :smiley:

Never forget Austria, the most commonly forgotten Balkan country!

Well the difference is in our case it’s not colonialism that put all those languages into one pot called “German”.

On the other hand, don’t forget that it took until the 60s-70s for Austria to officially acknowledge that the Austrian official language is just a variety of German. And the “amtlich” varieties of the two countries are really not worth separating at all.

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I’m looking forward to all the discussions NOT concerning beer…:grinning:


Same goes for :belgium::netherlands:Flemish-Dutch, two countries&cultures separated by the same language if there ever were two.

Looking forward to meeting some of the :netherlands:RBians in :czech_republic: all the same…

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Was still hoping for a last minute attendance, but family issues make it impossible to attend. I wish all of you guys a great time.


Any news of squeezing in that private/Fil-accompanied @motelpogo Prazdroj tour on MON, ideally before noon (I leave at 14:00?)

Will enough RBESGians still stay round in town for it to materialise?

Otherwise I’ll make the grand PU tour my final private activity in CZ.

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I would totally be up for that! Also for doing the tour on Monday independently if the private one doesn’t work.

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Oh, I think it’s planned for around 11 or something in the morning. We’ll need the number of people though, time to do this:

  • Going to the Pilsner Urquell tour on Monday morning
  • Not going to the Pilsner Urquell tour

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Booked a room in the Astory Hotel. Will arrive friday afternoon In Plzen.

Just changed my train schedule to arrive in Prague THU evening and join the FRI city tour before returning to Pilsen late night.

It dawned on me too late that otherwise I’d have to commute to&fro and that there is apparently little Unětice/Hostomice/Benedict to be had in Pilsen…

So now I just need 1-night accommodation in Prague. AirBnb leftovers here I come…

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Tak výpada dobré pivo:…:czech_republic:

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Only the Gans Weiss available at the Bierothek at the moment I’m afraid.

How about we swing by Na Parkánu on Saturday evening or Sunday morning and drink a toast to mj with some unfiltered Urquell (which ranks #40 in his top 50 rates) instead? Full measures would be more appropriate for this occasion anyway if you ask me.

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seems like a good idea nonetheless, although @bartlebier is brining Affumicator.


Yes I’ll bring affumicator but that’s only 33cl & I agree w @jfb on the no half measures:
either PU nefiltrovane in situ or, if @bierkoning makes it on his way in, a 5L fässle of Falkenberg Zoigl for everyone to chip in, considering MJ’s love & knowledge of all things Zoigl

I could being a long some quite fresh bottles of Witzgall Landbier, purchased 3 weeks ago at the brewery and kept in a fridge since then. It is his #10!


That would be great!

Witzgall is never wrong.


  • Thursday - meetup at 20:15 to 20:20 at the Beergeek Bar.

  • Saturday logistics - since the schedule is tight, Prague people will likely be carrying their luggage up to Nepomuk first, but you won’t have to carry them back and around - it can be left at the Raven stand + the grand tasting beers will be taken to the brewery then. We’ll have a Zlatá Krava brewery tour at 14:00, hosted by the brewer, likely lunch there too. Those w/late check-ins - please tell me when it’s okay for you to check-in so that we can iron out a plan for you / us. There are 30 minute trains going to Plzeň at 17:29 and 19:29, 40 minute going at 17:09 and 19:09. I guess some of you might want to go back earlier. The re-meetup for those who have to go check-in will likely be at 20:30-21 at Beer Factory, everyone will know on time.

  • Pre-tasting “Lunch” on Sunday - we’re meeting up at eating at Na Parkanu - 11:00, moving on to the grand tasting afterwards.

  • Monday - Fil will be negotiating a 10:00-10:30 private tour with one of the brewers - in the worst case, we’ll take the official tour on 11 if I understood him correctly. Will need numbers.

If you think you’ll need to be in phone contact with me before meetups, just send a message to me through WhatsApp or Telegram or even Viber, the number is on the event page, feel free to do so now so that it doesn’t turn out the number’s wrong at the last minute. :smiley: