RBians v Arbians

Anytime somebody uses “rbians” I pronounce it as Arbians, as in a person of Arby’s. Am I alone in this?

I hope so. If not, the American education system is worse than JKs 10 thumbs.

While I believe there is a great conversation to be had in response to Sarky, I would prefer to keep the focus on Arby’s vs RBs. :face_with_monocle:

When speaking…

RateBeer (2 syllables), RateBeerians (4 syllables)

“Arr Bee” (2 syllables), Arbians (3 syllables)

I suggest just saying the whole thing. The economy isn’t worth the butchery.

Just as strange for me was discovering that a good segment of users say, “RATE-beer” instead of “rate-BEER” as I always had.

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haha it’s definitely RATE-beer