RBWG San Diego thread

Didn’t see that thread transferred over here. Any new info?

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Oh oh. Did we lose the thread?

The thread is still readable in the old forum that you can get to by clicking the archived forums link at the bottom of the page. If you have to add anything it will have to be on the new forums though.

Here is the link to the old thread:


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Originally posted by Ferris

    Originally posted by BeerandBlues2
    Folks, I am thrilled to host this event. Please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6STrROTgGqfxDSePKtyVtpFosNzjkY_Ug-N8OcKANU/edit

    As I firm up certain aspects I will continue posting here.

    And the link to the proposal again: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6STrROTgGqfxDSePKtyVtpFosNzjkY_Ug-N8OcKANU/edit?usp=sharing


Both links are taking me to the same proposal


Sign up sheet for San Diego

Can we pin this thread to try and generate more interest?

Ok, we have 12 people signed up at this point, a bit underwhelming in my opinion. I need to determine if there is further interest out there.

really hoping this works out. Surprised at the lack of interest, but it has also been pretty buried deep in the forums. I still like the thought of renting out a big ass house if the group is so small.

Just signed myself up. I think having this coincide with the forum migration didn’t help. Let’s try to keep the discussion here active so more folks see it.

Thanks Brian.

And if you ever want to get together to discuss logistics (and have a beer) let me know, I’m more than happy to help out!

I booked my ticket, so I do hope this is still happening. Although if not, I am sure I can find some stuff to do.

The change in forums didn’t help and was bad timing for advertising this. However, if there is a go / no go point I think everyone would prefer to know as far in advance as possible. My fingers are crossed on it happening!

I fully agree the forum switch over has really hampered this. i think a lot more will be signing up. There are a number of names missing that I would expect to see there.

Definitely a go, even if it is a small group of us. Discounts and the like may be harder to sell, but it will be more intimate.

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Pretty hyped. Just booked a ticket…getting in on Sunday so have plenty of time to get situated.

I’m in

Any word on a hotel? Or did I miss that?