Reading Attempt 2

Assuming there will be no pox in my household by then, I am going to have another attempt at organising a Reading crawl.

These two Saturdays in May work for me:



Tagging people who were interested/vaguely interested k:


Might be able to make 7th May.

The following weekend I’m away in Denmark for MBCC.

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Is your lad OK @BeardedAvenger, was it chicken pox?

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Yeah. By Thursday he seemed to be improving so thought Saturday would be OK. But he then got a real rash of boils. Fair play though - he was really uncomfortable but didn’t scratch.

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Sorry to be awkward, I’m the other way around - I definitely can’t do 7th May but should be able to do the 14th.

Not awkward at all. You guys plan for 14th, you’re both much more local than I am, I would always relying on decent train ticket prices etc. Hope it works out.

OK - so the date is 14/05.

@Cheeseboard - you going to Fallen Acorn’s fest?

Yep, Saturday day session, see you there?

Yep. Will be in the South Coast Beer Forum meet up.

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Morning. Just checking you are still up for 14th?

No problems if you can’t make it as it is the calander so I will be ticking somewhere anyway!

Yep, I should still be ok for it. Are we still meeting at the Weather Station at 12, and is your mobile number still the same?

Anyone else up for a Berkshire bimble next Saturday?

Phone number the same.

Will need to confirm closer to the weekend but may be nearer 13:00.

I voiced an interest previously - and would love to join you, but I’m out of beer goodwill currently after going to Coventry on Friday, and she who must … has arranged a bimble round Shrewsbury with some friends on Saturday (and good beer pubs will not be on her list :frowning_face:)

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Any further thoughts on the time @BeardedAvenger ?

I’ve just noticed there’s some FA cup final or other late in the afternoon, so I’m guessing earlier might be better if possible as otherwise the pubs are going to be heaving. However, if you can’t do earlier no probs.

Just saw your message.

Not convinced the football.will be an issue for craft beer places.

I may have missed it but textt me so I have your number.

I will get to Reading jyst before 13:00 and jump in a taxi to the Wearher Station.

Righto, my bus (theoretically) gets in just before 1, so should be there about the same time as you.

I’ve texted you as requested.

Any updates on this one?

@BeardedAvenger last seen talking nonsense and covering himself in beer in Watford as the sun set last night

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When the washing machine has finished I shall be doning my freshly laundered and no longer beer sodden clothes and heading to the station.

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Phantom taster board:

Nice meeting up @BeardedAvenger , hope you’re not hungover for your walk tomorrow.


An enjoyable meander around Reading.

Should be fine. I’ve been asled to pick up kebans on the way home so the garlic and chili sauce should sort me out.