Reading Meet Up - 12/03/22*

Before Christmas I mentioned that I was going to try and organise a get together down South.

So I am proposing a pub crawl in Reading on Saturday 12th March.

@imdownthepub was interested.

Plenty of places to go but I was thinking something along the lines of The Weather Station (Wild Weather); Castle Tap; Nags Head; Phantom Brewery; Double-Barrelled Brewery. Plus Retreat, Alehouse, Brewdog, Grumpy Goat, Greyfriar and others are also options to fit in.

*Could be one of the weekends either side if necessary.

I’ll be up for a Reading crawl but pretty busy through Feb and March … plus I’ll be wanting to watch England vs Ireland on the date in question in the six nations.

Weeks either side don’t really work for me either.

It’s no biggy for me getting to Reading but likely May/June will be a better time so can touch base with you nearer to then.

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March is a bad month for me too, but any date is going to be a problem for someone.


The 12th March is fine with me. The 19th is Burton Beer Festival, which is one of the few still left on the calendar, so I will probably be going there.

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This is something I may well be up for, although I won’t know until much nearer the time whether I’ll be able to make a particular date, so go ahead and organise it whenever and I’ll come if I can.

Would be particularly interested in making it to Phantom and Double Barrelled, as they’re the only places on your list I’ve not visited (used to work in Reading so know all the others pretty well). I don’t know if you also wanted to add in ZeroDegrees in case anyone hasn’t already ticked that brewery?

Being a certified lightweight (especially since lockdown) I am certain I won’t last the full crawl though!

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I am trying to get a beer related activity booked in an least once a month so happy to do another one. in May/June.

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I’ll book it in for that day. Once it’s in the calendar then I will do something beer related, even that exact plans change. .

What reminded me about this was that the Reading Beer Festival looks like it may be on in April and Craft Theory is on over the first weekend of July. Will certainly go to the latter.

Don’t think I’d be able to make it out to Reading at this point. If you ever want to do a crawl in London, though, I should be able to participate.

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Craft Theory - a boutique (yes, I am a wanker) beer festival organised by the Grumpy Goat.

01-02 July.

Confirmed so far: Siren, Double-Barrelled, Elusive, Dolphin, Phantom and Wild Weather if you’re after Berks beers. And outsiders: Pana Island and Three Hills. (Pomona - ficking autocorrct)

I’m going on the Saturday. Last time I was in Reading my mate Charlie went to the bar in The Castle Tap and started his order with, “Have you got any normal beers?” So I may have to chaperone him if he comes.

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I’ll keep those dates in mind … reckon James will be game

Is this just a rock up on the day thing … no tickets?

No, it is ticketed. Not the biggest venue.

Thought I shoud bump this… you know… show that I have put some effort in.

Tempted to @ the various Southern Rateberians but suspect they’re either one man wolfpacks or don’t want to meet potential serial killers off of the internet.

It’s on my radar. I’ll try to tag along if I can.
All this presumes trains are running etc

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Hoping to be there still.

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Reading’s due to get a new permanent streetfood venue with a bar with 10 taps from Double Barrelled. Coincidentally opens on 12 March:


I was saying to my wife last night that I fancied some of the fried chicken from there.

Bump - this is in a week’s time.

What’s the plan then @BeardedAvenger ? What time/ where are we meeting, and will you be dressed as Thor so we can recognise you?

The plans is to start at the Weather Station. I am going going to try and be there for 12:00 (rail replacements around Woking that day so will probably end up jumping into a taxi at the station).

Then head to:

Ale House

Blue Collar Corner

Castle Tap

Nags Head

Phantom Brewing

Double-barrelled is then a potential last stop by bus/Uber. Of course you have BrewDog, Greyfriar, etc, in town still.

I can message people my number if they want to make sure they’re heading to the right place

Hoping to be there 12ish although may be a little later as I’ve got some family stuff to sort first. Can you BM me your number so I can find you if I’m a bit late?

Given that some people are having forum trouble, it might be worth BM-ing the others who are interested too?