Reading Meet Up - 12/03/22*

Really tried to get onto this but I have family commitments that I just cannot get out of. Hope you all have a great day.

My son appears to have chicken pox so will probably have to give Saturday a miss now. Waiting for a call back from the GP.

Was hoping they were just insect bites from when he was rolling around in the back garden but they’re now getting bigger and spreading.

Anyway, will look to rearrange for anothet time.

As mentioned above I’ll be at the Saturday day session of Craft Rising.


Sorry to hear about your lad, hope he feels better soon.

Shame about Reading, I was looking forward to it. Hopefully we can rearrange somewhen soon.

Update - he’s already scabbing over and the Mrs does not object to me going out. So still on @wheresthepath if you’re up for it. Will head home some time after 16:00.

Glad your son’s feeling better @BeardedAvenger.

I have an offer if a free lift to Reading which it’d be a shame to waste, so yep, I’m still up for it if you are.

Cool. See you at around 12 tomorrow then. I’ll DM you my number.

I would have loved to join you, but a combination of it being an arse to get to from Shrewsbury, my liver being sad after last weekend’s stag do and the upcoming wedding conspire to prevent me. Have a blast chaps

@wheresthepath . Just got back from work and having perked up yesterday the boy is now covered in spots from head to toe. And my wife is feeling really rough herself. Reading between the lines I could go if I don’t mind being castrated so… yeah… will have to postpone. Annoying because I’ve been meaning to make my first visits to the Weather Station and Phantom for a while now.

Bugger, that means I’ll probably be made to do some gardening or something!

Maybe if we rearrange in a month or two more people will be able to make it anyway. Definitely want to try Phantom too.

Hope your family recover soon & it’s nothing too serious.