Real Cider now Pulp Cider?

Aston Manor look to own Knights listed in Worchestershire, and seems like they use Crumpton Oaks Farm there:

Aston Manor seem to spin out brands which they list as the makers rather than themselves, see their website which shows pic with: Malvern Cider Co, Crumpton Oaks Cider Co

Seems likely it would be them

Yes looking at this page on their website it seems that it’s Aston Manor, as no other cider producers in Worcestershire contract produce cider.

@Theydon_Bois reckon we can get Brew York Big Apple amended?

Still no answer from Theakston regarding their cider. Label says it’s produced in Yorkshire but this quote from Beer Today says:

“Theakston is now reviving the drink, working with a small Somerset-based producer of apple juice.”

So that could be anyone really.

What exactly are you proposing changes to?

Please post links

And do what with it ? We know for a fact where its brewed … id only change if were 100%