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Recommendation for 1,000?

Hi all!

I’m closing in on the Big 1k (only 10 ratings away), and was contemplating what I’m going to be doing for that one.

The cellar is pretty empty right now, so won’t be anything I have in-house already. Looking for recommendations for something that’s likely to be available in the San Francisco Bay Area; the closer to Berkeley/Oakland the better.

Also can’t be extravagantly expensive. I think $20-25 would be my upper limit, though less is better. :slight_smile:

In all honesty, probably looking at a 30-45 days, or so, with my current tasting level. Certainly enough time to be able to contemplate the momentous occasion.



If this is not the proper category please feel free to move it, or let me know where it should go and I will move it.

Keep an eye out on SARA’s and Cellarmaker’s carryout list, or maybe even go try a few on-site for your milestone.

Where are those places located?


Capitola and SFC respectively.

Also would add Casa Agria if you can find it.



Looks like Rustic distributes a through a couple places in San Francisco. I want to say I’ve seen Casa Agria labels somewhere before. But, I could be wrong.

Nice thing about Cellarmaker is it should all be draft, and it’s not horribly hard to get to on public transportation. (And City Beer Store is even between BART and the Cellarmaker location on Howard St!!).

Well tonight was the night! Ended up finding an Abraxas Perennial at Berkeley Bowl West. And it was even on sale for $19.99!!

What an amazingly thick and chewy beer. Didn’t expect as much cinnamon as there was. But, really enjoyed it.



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The milestones are often more about the experience than the beer. I still fondly remember my 1000 so many years ago. Isabelle Proximus in the parking lot of Devils Backbone Brewing on their opening day in light snow with some good friends and in one of the most beautiful pieces of countryside I can think of.

Now you get to look forward to the next thousand!

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