Red - Imperial?

When the styles are finally allocated I believe this’ll be the one style I haven’t had. Anyone know of any UK ones? The Top 50 list doesn’t include this style yet. One to look out for at Cotts!

Check out the advanced search You can search by style and country. which will help narrow it down a bit.

Also as the styles are pretty new and not everything has been moved over yet, if you see a beer that you think fits the bill we can always see about getting the style changed.

Hmmm - only two English beers updated to that style at present. Northern Monk Red Wedding appears to be a recent release.

Looked through my Amber ticks and don’t think any of a higher ABV.

Use your travel list to see if any american/danish are in stores in UK.

Maybe this?

Someone checked into that Northern monk red wedding at Tilt in Birmingham on untappd last night so you might be able to scoop it today.

Oooh! Quickly checks map

Fairly sure this one could be tracked down :

It’s OK. Ticked it off at Tilt.