Region split for Denmark

The time may finally be upon us. If Denmark gets regional split, how do we do it?

I found this on Wikipedia. Should it be like this?

Copenhagen City {\displaystyle *}* 728.243 169,6 4394
Copenhagen Surroundings {\displaystyle *}* 530.612 342,3 1550
North Zealand {\displaystyle *}* 450.245 1.449,0 311
East Zealand {\displaystyle *}* 239.016 807,7 296
West & South Zealand 577.710 6.414,9 90
Bornholm 40.305 592,3 68
Funen 486.709 3.478,7 140
South Jutland 715.800 8.777,3 82
East Jutland 851.769 5.841,4 146
West Jutland 425.769 7.164,3 59
North Jutland

But the Danish forum is more or less dead…

Denmark split seems like an good idea;), people will go to Bornholm for beer trips etc?

I don’t quite get it. Noone in North Jutland? Zealand split in 3, why? What are the figures, 3 columns of ?

Why not use these regions? These are the official regions since 2007.

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Ignore those. I just copy and pasted from some list online and was too lazy to delete the numbers.

@bryne so those are more official than the other list?

As Bryne mentioned the 5 regons have been the official as I can read since 2007.
I have been using the 5 for years now in my own DB and are easy to keep track on.


ISO-3166-2 also operates with the five regions:


With names translated to English too!


Ok cool. I’ll put those five forward then in the main thread for separating regions. I’m not sure at all when it’s going to happen though. Basically was just trying to get a good sense of this to pass on to @services but really depends on when they have time to split other regions. At this point seems like one of Denmark, netherlands, scotland, Spain and france might be most likely. No idea when or which.

Ok wait, just double checking. Are these the English names for these?


Seems Sjaelland might be zeeland? Let me know if this list should exactly like this, five regions, correct spellings etc.

Those are Danish, apparently the English names aren’t official but it would be these I assume:

Capital Region
Central Denmark
North Denmark
Southern Denmark

Not sure if the word ‘Region’ needs to be included in the others. Will wait for the Danes to clarify.


Maybe @yespr or @jonas can help?

Splitting makes no sense. These regions are mainly for political reasons to provide local elections related to secondary healthcare sector. Debate has been on and off to get rid of them all together. Their current form is also a simplification of more “amter” previously.

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So, better wait to split Denmark?

Why? Bornholm is part of capital region, so they would show up with the Copenhagen breweries, I guess you would find yourself 4 hours away from many breweries that way when on Bornholm. Using map / close to functions would be what is needed.

Not to split at all is what to do :slight_smile: I dont see any good reasons mentioned why it is good to split.

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Because Denmark is a small country? And Norway and Finland too, considering low population? But, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are now going to be split in lots of regions, especially Ireland…

Splitting a contry like Denmark is not very important for me, but I guess lots of geeks like the hunt for beer (and places) from all regions. All kind of beer stats are important for many. Makes RB more relevant?

There are so many of us on the forums that want more stats. Just look at how big the main region split thread has got on this subject - 382 replies! It’s clearly high in demand. Clearly been a huge driving force behind the push to getting countries split.

Bigger countries obviously have additional reasons for being split into regions, but in reality it doesn’t actually matter how big or small a country is. There’s already quite a few that are ready to be done as soon as services has the time, some of them are tiny (N. Ireland).

Some will find it pointless or just don’t care, sure, but there’s no harm done to anyone in breaking down countries into regions.