Rekorderlig unrateable?

I bought and tried to rate Rekorderlig Passion fruit Hard Cider, but it appears to be unrateable. Is it not considered a true cider? Disappointed as it appears to be the easiest way to tick Sweden around here.

No it’s fruit juice with alcohol added to it.

Nope. A lot of those Swedish fruit-infused ciders aren’t considered true ciders due to the way they’re made (less than 50% fermentables being the main point I believe).

There have been a few threads about ciders like these on the old forums, @chriso imparted a fair bit of knowledge on the subject going into far more detail than most of us know about, read some of his replies in this thread:

You can ignore most of the first page but there’s a lot of good discussion on the following pages.

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I just went to rate the pear and got the Unrateable message as well (but it’s not listed as unrateable until you attempt to rate it). However, there are 83 ratings for it… so what’s the deal?

People rated it before it was made unrateable?


Do they not have Omnipollo or Dugges anywhere around you for Sweden ticks… I feel total wine would carry Carnegie probably…

not sure, I will need to check I guess.