Renewing premium membership

My premium membership seems to have run out - although I didn’t get a notification or warning or anything.

How do we set about getting this renewed these days?

Send an email and ask for a free renewal. If you click on the link it specifies which email address to use.

Yeah my wife emailed Joet and it just showed back up. I don’t think there’s even an option to pay for it anymore.

That’s not a good sign

I had no problem getting my membership renewed about a week ago. They processed it in about 24 hours. I think it was

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Ya there hasn’t been for a while. At least since I last renewed around January

I think my premium has been bumped again without having made a request. I did ask earlier and had an expiry date in 2022 but now it shows as 3/2023. Not sure quite what it means but there is life.


You pay for it?

Just a quick “Thank You” to the RateBeer Admin team (or one person?) @joet .

My Premium Account ran out yesterday (17th May 2022) and an email to them ensured I was back within 2 hours or so. Great free service.