Renewing premium membership

My premium membership seems to have run out - although I didn’t get a notification or warning or anything.

How do we set about getting this renewed these days?

Send an email and ask for a free renewal. If you click on the link it specifies which email address to use.

Yeah my wife emailed Joet and it just showed back up. I don’t think there’s even an option to pay for it anymore.

That’s not a good sign

I had no problem getting my membership renewed about a week ago. They processed it in about 24 hours. I think it was

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Ya there hasn’t been for a while. At least since I last renewed around January

I think my premium has been bumped again without having made a request. I did ask earlier and had an expiry date in 2022 but now it shows as 3/2023. Not sure quite what it means but there is life.


You pay for it?

Just a quick “Thank You” to the RateBeer Admin team (or one person?) @joet .

My Premium Account ran out yesterday (17th May 2022) and an email to them ensured I was back within 2 hours or so. Great free service.



If I pay my $12 again, can it go towards paying a coder for an hour of time to do something? Asking for a friend.

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Yea I just sent note to admin at ratebeer and they gave to me.

I think $12 will get you like 15minutes of work

…and? That sounds productive.

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Maybe that 15 minutes would be enough for someone to change the coding so when you search for Kolsch in beer styles, rather than Kölsch, it actually shows up. Right now I always have to search for sch…

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